Newbie/Beginner's Links


I intend to do some Major Updating next week! Stay tuned…

Updates Intended:
Vampire Savior/Darkstalkers
Domination 101
M-Triple’s 5 Gateway Characters

I will be checking all links to make sure they work.


This thread is perfect for beginners! Great stuff everyone!
I’ll try to add sometime soon as well!


I’m back! I’ll add some links later or tomorrow if I can…
You STILL haven’t added Dom101, what are we going to do with you Specter smh…


Added! As Well as a Great Deal of Other Awesome Links…


Ok so I downloaded Tekken Revolution and liking it so far (wavedashing is hard :(.), soooo yeah…
The Beginner’s Tekken Dictionary/Basic THREAD-The Beginner’s Tekken Dictionary/Basics Thread
Tekkenzaibatsu is like SRK but for tekken-
They even have ther own newbie dojo-
And within that Dojo (lounge really) there is a very interesting post on the importance of losing-


ThisGuy, smh… LOL (a friendly joke).
Seriously though, that Tekken Dictionary link is SIIICK! Chock Full O’ great info. Good call on TZ, it seems I forgot to insert that one, though I’ve been a member since SC2 dropped.
The Injustice links have a thread on becoming a better player and losing is discussed. Many players don’t realize how critical losing is to improving one’s game…

Damn! I actually missed putting in 8WayRun! I’ll have to find their beginner’s thread…

Keep Up the Great Work TG!

Update!: Just Added a massive amount of Tekken links, Soul Calibur Links & Arcade stick links!!! *Contemplating including links to get new players familiar with all tournaments; having a list of tourneys so that new players hungry to compete can learn the cycle…

Definitely need to research UMvC3 links!!!


Awesome. This thread is coming along great and stuff you posted look interesting so I’ll def’ take look when i can.
More ST stuff would be nice but Sirlin covered pretty much everything,I think…meh. There is a youtube channel with a crap ton of info so I’ll try to find it. :slight_smile:

Oh Btw Good call on the bold titles, I was going to suggest it but you beat me to it.


Sirlin’s basic three-part tutorial (which he stole) covers ST basics pretty well. A lot of in-depth ST stuff is usually reserved for the more intermediate or advanced techniques, so it’s usually a better idea to simply ask high-level ST players about those things. My YT channel has a few basic ST tutorials that cover both fundamentals and ST-specific setups, but it’s not complete just yet.


Looking through extensive/exhaustive links for Mahvel. Soooooo many vids/links, trying to figure out which are best for this thread. Any suggestions, lemme know, kudasai.
Domo Arigato


This isn’t really for beginners but I thought you’d like to take a look. I think there’s more coming up so we’ll see.

^ This the good shit right here dawg, for realz.
Will give credit to whoever posted this when I find his post.

EDIT: Found him! Credit to @DrakeAldan for the link.


I was looking through the older pages and I found dis :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice. Ugo_2u has great insight. You also inadvertently lead me to his signature which has a PDF of Maj’s footsie’s Handbook!

Added some Guilty Gear info. Planning on adding some KOF video playlists soon. Still need to research UMvC3 links…


Any good resources out there for the troubled soul trying to get a handle on plinking? :slight_smile:


Please add these links for UMVC3 Beginner Links

** Teambuilding Guide/Help**

Using Assists Effectively

Marvel Footsies

** Guide to Decision-Making and Planning**

** For people who are new to UMVC3 (My biggest mistake is that I didn’t watch this video when I started playing MvC3, I didn’t know about this until I was looking at Umvc3 Reddit **)

Some other stuffs


Tips for Overcoming Bad Matchups


Problem with Mastering Only Combos (Usually I am a type of player that loves to practice combos)

Gimmicks vs Intelligent Tactics

Training Mode Stuff

[details=Spoiler]For anyone who are not good at reading such as myself, this website is so awesome because it helps you read, and makes things easier to read. Just copy and paste a text or a link in the box and you don’t even have to look up a word in dictionary.[/details]


Yessir… (My bad for the serious delay… tsk tsk tsk)


We have some Mahvel links now! [Thanks 2KTep!] (Mahvel X-perts feel free to chime in, constructively)

Apologies for the lack of updates… (Life, Work, Practice, etc…) I’ll make a concerted effort to cull the lag…

Need to do:
Links for Tournaments - (How many, Where they are, how to prepare, etc…)
Killer Instinct


No problem, I am not really a Mahvel Xpert but I do play this game =)

Thank you so much for creating a thread like this, it really save a lot of time. This is great for beginners or for people who seek knowlege. If only SRK let you highlight or color code a text, that would make stuff easier to find.


Great read. Love the fact the links covered different games and questions to just about anything imaginable. Really helpful.


Thanks bro. Really appreciate your comment. I definitely need to kontinue updating the kontent for the new consoles, etc.

Wondering if I should add SFV stuff. It’s early and the main purpose of the thread is to provide information on how to improve your game.
MKX & KI I need to update soon. (If you have links to tutorials, please post and I’ll add them to the kollection.)

(P.S. I’m heavily into Mandalore kulture myself)

A sincere THANK YOU! to everyone who has viewed this thread and to those who have kontributed. 15,000 views is insane <3 . I need to get more involved in the FGC and see what else I may positively kontribute to new and experienced players alike. (Artwork definitively)


found this tutorial for beginner (this is a playlist)

add this for umvc3

These video are great for both visual & audio learners. They often give good visual example to make people understand it better. Plus they give some useful advice about observing your opponent.

I also found this playlist, it contain MKX tutorial

Add this for KI


I’ve been slacking, smh, but I do fully intend to update the thread with plenty of SFV links/videos, etc.
Bafael, Cross Counter TV, Ultra Chen TV, VesperArcade and the Fantastic work Patrick Miller has produced for beginners are my ideas for SFV sources…

Please pardon my delay.

EDIT: Condensed SF IV series to make room for SF V, MK X & KI links. Planning on creating an index/table of contents for easier navigating. Compiling videos and organizing links for SF V currently…