* Newbie Bryan Fury * HELP ME!

Hey whats up SRK I need some advice, tips, or whatever you guys can throw at me for Playing With Bryan Fury. Before TT2 was out, at my local arcade I’d always play Dragunov in Tk6BR but now I gotta worry about a 2nd player in TT2. Pretty much I played everyone but Bryan Fury had caught my attention out of countless hours of trial and error. So what I need is some guide on playing Bryan Fury, I notice that he lacks low attacks, but he’s one of those guys where you need to pay alot of attention to due to his slow frames and counter hit strategy.

Bonus: tips on playing against the Law’s, Zaffina, and Capoeira fighters with Dragunov and Bryan.

While I’m not qualified to give you real in-depth strategy for Bryan, I can tell you that I think the character is very defensive overall as you may have found due to his slower moves and more counter punchy style. In general, you want to find something that the opponent can’t deal with (this is true for all characters, yeah yeah) but the reason you want to do this with Bryan is because he has the tools to really dig into your opponent to find out what their vices are. Do they press buttons? He’s got great canned frame traps. Can they not react to lows? He has a few low pokes and counterhit lows along with the infamous Snake Edge. Do they clam up when it’s time to block? He’s got taunt jet upper.

While I would obviously recommend looking at more in-depth resources, what I can say is that Bryan’s toolbox really lets you pry into what your enemies can and can’t deal with and you can use his solid moveset to get in there or even to tag into your partner who may be more apt at dealing with those weaknesses; Bryan has GREAT tags.