[Newbie] Building my own arcade cabinet


Hi everyone,

So I decided to build my own arcade cabinet and I’ve been browsing hardware websites for a while now in order to make a list of the components required to build it.

I’m going for a PC-based arcade machine running Windows 7 with the following hardware specs:

Do those specs seems fit to you or do I need to upgrade a little bit to ensure a full-quality rendering for the most resource-demanding systems ?

Concerning the controller, I’ll be needing a 2-players control panel with some extra buttons to control the system. I considered getting a Taito 2L12B with a a Sanwa Joystick and Sanwa buttons

My main problem is that the joystick fixations on the control panel does not seem to fit with the Sanwa mounting plate. I checked on the web but I can’t get to understand how to mount a sanwa joystick on that kind of panel. And I don’t want to buy incompatible pieces.

And, to finish, if any of you has special advice concerning the pieces to buy I’ll be more than glad to hear them ^^


Are you sure about that? From the look of things that Taito 2L12B control panel is made for standard japanese joysticks. Have you even attempted to fit a JLF their or are you “eye-balling it” base of that sites image?
That Seimitsu LS-32 that they show a link for on that page mounts the same way a JLF will, and that Tatio plate is made for the LS-32 or JLF.

Worst case scenario you swap out the current mount plate with a Sanwa S -type mount pate, and that only when you know the existing mount plate do not work.

Your System specs are fine, it run anything out there.


Ok so you can swap the mounting plate from the control panel with another one ^^ My main concern was that the mounting plate was molded with the control panel.

I didn’t buy anything already, I’m still lurking at the pictures available on the web since I don’t want to throw away my bucks for nothing ^^

Anyway, thanks for the info :slight_smile:


I mean the mount plate that comes with the Sanwa JLF, there 4 little screws that holds the plate to the JLF.


You normally can see these screws as the dust washer is blocking your veiw, that is the plate you can swap out.


Here is a example of a JLF taken completely apart. See the 4 screw holes surrounding the larger hole the joystick lever sticks though. (courtesy of Slag Coin)

The mounting bracket on the Taito is permanent, it is welded into place and does not come off.


The Sanwa you linked to


Is lacking its mount plate.

Get either the JLF-TP-8YT with flat mounting plate OR JLF-TP-8YT-SK * with flat mounting plate and JLF-CD black shaft cover kit *


All the Sanwa JLF Variations

Also you might want Sanwa snap-ins instead of the screw-ins

As you do not always have room for the larger Sanwa plastic nut. A Work around is using the Seimitsu plastic nuts for the Sanwa buttons as they are smaller in it’s outer diameter but still fits and work on the Sanwa push in buttons.


I see, thanks a lot for the head’s up. Things are much more clearer now ^^
I’m still not really sure for the buttons yet, I just had the impression that screw-ins were easier to mount but I think I’ll try with one of each to see which one will suit me better ^^


If you dont have any experience in building arcade cabs i would suggest just buying yourself a Kraylix Kit. They are super sexy!