[Newbie] Cable Thread - Q & A (How to do AHVB inside)

I need help, my Cable is garbage and he’s a really big part of my team, My problem with Cable is im too trigger happy, especially in tournament play, this of course leaves me to get stomped on and AHVBed to death( I can ussually still kill a good sent, Cable vs. Cable is my biggest problem), I know this is more mental then anything, but I dunno, I’ve tried everything…maybe someone can gimme some advice???

Mention the 5 tournament Cable teams that give you the most trouble and this way we can analyze them.

I probably won’t be much help, I hardly play at all anymore.

uh dont throw with cable. his throw sucks you gotta be in close for i think like .40 seconds and you’re likely to get caught with the three kick combo while doing that. Air throwing happens a lot mostly by accident though.

less than .40 sec does that hop roundhouse kick which is something you probably don’t want to do

Any team w/ Cable and Sent/BH/or Doom

Is there a good ground combo for cable that you can link into an AHVB??


c.LK, c.LK, s.RH xx AHVB, it’s the only one you need to know, and quite frankly, the only one that matters.

yeah there’s a bunch, but here’s a really common one,

lk, lk, fk, AHVB

and im sure more pepole will post some other’s,

later :slight_smile:

yeah use geekboy’s, theres alot more opportunities for the crouching version to link than the standing one, it’s alot lot better :smiley:

c.lk, c.mk, s.hp x 4 XX Jab Psimitar XX AHVB

If your fast enough here’s two of my personal favorites:

c.lk,c.lk, AHVB

c.fk,c.lk,c.lk,AHVB:p works wonders!

c.lk c.lk c.fk, pause, jab schimatar, ahvb…
can be rolled out of

The only one that matters is: c.lk, c.lk, s.hk, ahvb :smiley:

corner only…
lk,mk, hk+drones, qcf+lk,drones hit, Hk, AHVB

:smiley: U don’t need the S.FK, u can still do it without it as long as your fast enough and aim that shit down!!:lol:

Its not like its hard to connect the ahvb after s.roundhouse. :stuck_out_tongue:

try this lk,lk,hk+that move do on the ground kick then ahvb

s.fp,s.fp,s.fp,hvb :stuck_out_tongue:
shoot,shoot,psimitar XX Ahvb

i saw someone do s.lk, s.fk x 4, TK AHVB.

how he pulled it off, i dont know.

i think it was scimitar xx ahvb. i kno the unblockable is done that way

and you can’t FK x 4

A quick note, if you use c.lk, c.lp, s.rh, you’ll have slightly more range on the c.lp, believe me, that will matter in the heat of battle.