Newbie characters and keyboard problems


Hello im playing SSFIV:AE since 13 hours and allready took a look on all characters but now i wanna train in one spezific but i the problem is with my keyboard i can perform this spinning moves like if you would have a arcade stick you could just twist the stick but i cant do that on keyboard that good. So my question is are there newbie characters who dont required these twist moves ?

Sorry for my bad english


btw i dont care about the design but it shouldnt be ryu or ken :smiley: theyre so mainstream :smiley:


As someone who uses keyboard mostly, any character except the grapplers would work for you.
As for newb friendly, I would start out with Ryu to learn fundamentals and then branch out from there.
(ofc, you could always go manly mode and main Dan the Man from the get go)


What are grapplers ? And isnt there a character similar to ryu ? I dont like ryu and ken


grapplers are characters whose focus is mainly on grabs.
Ryu or Guile really, those will teach you fundamentals of inputs and applications. If you can play either character proficiently, learning a character to main will be much easier.
Ofc each char has quirks, but inputs won’t he a challenge rather the challenge would be how do I use these moves which you can look up on EventHubs or SRK’s gameplay.
Basically all characters in SF4 in terms of execution consists of grapplers w/ 360s which is really hard to do on keyboard, charge characters (guile, M.Bison, etc) and special input (Ryu, Juri, Dan, etc.). Just pick a style of input that works for you (or some characters combine both)


How do i make sonic boom or flash kick ? It dont works for me i press the required buttons but nothing happens


Sonic Boom and flash kick are charge moves. ex, Sonic boom, hold back for 1-2 sec then forward+punch