Newbie Chun-li Player's Questions


I am trying to pick up SFIV and for some reason I really like to play Chun-li. I attempt (and succeed often) into basic gamplay, and often play on a responsive style (that is, defensive until I have chance to punish), and know one or two combos of her. I range around 900BP and have fair fights against people on the same bracket.

Otherwise, I get wrecked.

Hands down, my worst nightmare is Ryu (or toons with similar gameplay). Any little mistake will get me into a combo and there goes a lot of HP (apparently Chun has a stamina handicap?) and it requires a lot of effort of my part to avoid being zoned by fireball-happy characters. There are other challenges also (Dictator’s flying stomp spam fest comes to mind).

My point is, somehow I really like playing that character, but mostly I end up with the feeling that Chun is just way too unbalanced and not worth the effort - but then again I think “This is the most awesome fighting game I know, it cant possibly be this unabalanced, its probably just that I suck too much on it”.

I’ve read about footsies, and Chun’s basic strategies but put short my main questions are:

  1. Am I being too stuborn trying to master such a difficult character as my first main? If yes, which one would be suggested for a noob like me?

  2. What would be the most efficient ways to actually learn a characters. Watching videos or doing Trial mode really isnt helping a lot.

  3. Should I expect to get my ass handed to me a LOT before I actually get any better in the game?

  4. Please add any info, tips and advice you would like.

Now I hope this is the right forum for this post; my apologieis if this isnt the case.

And thanks in advance to all who can help me out here.

  1. Not really. There are easier characters for sure, but there are also more difficult ones. Only you can decide.
  2. Hard to say when I have no idea what your gameplay is like and what you’re lacking. Assuming you’re pretty much completely new to the game, the main things are: learn your normals, learn what is safe and what isn’t, learn to execute. There’s a lot more than that, but basically just put in practice time for now. As you play, you will learn to know what you don’t know and learn how to learn.
  3. Definitely
  4. That’s it.


sweet a new chun player :slight_smile:

first things first
learn about zoning and spacing. sometimes this stuff comes naturally but its a good idea to make a mental note about certain things. with some of the less talented ryus they often try unsafe jumpins or wait for you to jump in to srk. theres actually a space right outside his sweep range that if you stay there most shitty ryu players try to throw a hadoken and jump in, which is a free punish for you. usually a neutral jump rh will do the trick, stay in position youll be surprised how often they keep trying. This typically doesnt work too well against ryus who know what safe jumps are so try to adapt.

as far as chun being unbalanced, she definitely has matchups that are really hard for her, namely sagat and rufus. With Sagat you just have to be ready for his ridiculous priority, and rufus straight up dominates the match up when close.

you need to be good with footsies, the problem is, many players online dont react to it. they just do random moves. you cant out think something that has no brain. you just need to let them beat themselves. For this reason I do better against good players.

1)Chun definitely has a learning curve but shes not the hardest and you can do it.

2)Watching videos is a good idea. Lookup onehandedterror on youtube, he has chun li instructions, and i basically live by that. Hes the reason i picked up chun in the first place and his instructionals are very very informative.

3)Absolutely. I was doing great with Ryu when I switched but something just told me that Chun was what I wanted and im glad i stuck it out and went with that nasty losing streak that happened.

4)No extra tips really just make certain you check out onehandedterror on youtube. he has the instructional videos as well as “chun li live” videos where he explains what hes doing.


First, I’m assuming your talking about SSFIV not SFIV?

  1. No, not really. I find her to be a good choice. She may be suited for turtling, but she has alot of good footies, pokes, and mix-up options. If you do want a noob-friendly character go with Ryu, Ken, etc. Everyone plays as them though.

  2. Practice, practice, and pratice!!! Doing Training Mode and Network Battle over will eventually make you understand what moves and strategies to do when. Even if you get beat at first later you will know all her tricks of the trade.

  3. Not really. YOu may come across certain players and characters that will destroy you, but the newbie population is huge so you should be fine.

  4. Chun-Li does have lower stamina (health) then some characters for ex.: She has 900, normal characters like Ryu, Ken, etc. have 1000, and beast like Zangief and T. Hawk have 1100. So watch your health.

Learn focus attack and focus dash. If you see fireballs just absorb them by pressing focus then quickly dash forward to attack or back to go back to defense. Mix it in with jump over and eventually they will come to you. It also absorbs Bison’s headstomp. So if you know it’s coming press focus, absorb it, let the buttons go, and punish him for thinking of it. It also work against Vega’s wall-dive, El Fuerte’s running splash, etc. So punish those moves with it when you know they’re coming.

When you have the character knocked down and they are getting up play mix-up to keep them guessing. Some you can do is: 1. Jump to where you are above them press down mk and on the why down while still in the air press low kick. For headstomp that even if block will hit them if they try to hit back while you’re dropping. 2. Jump straight up while next to getting up opponent and press hk on the way down. 3. Walk forward grab. 4. Walk forward and press forward plus down and mk. Keep them guessing what you’ll do and don’t be predictable.

Learn to grab characters in the air. Characters like Juri who constantly go air or Vega will stop it (if they’re smart) if you keep jumping and grabbing them when they try to spam there air specials.

Also, Chun-li has great pokes. So while most players characters’ won’t reach you with say a sweep she will hit them. So learn what has great range with her normals.


1{ Chun isn’t diffficult per se, her moves just require practice.
2{This may not work for you, but I personally play versus. A lot. Be sure to spend some time going against toons you have the most difficulty with(My most hated is Zangief), and verse them as much as possile so you learn multiple ways to counter their strategy.
3{YES. I’ve been playing for 2 months, and I still get my ass handed to me on a regular basis.
4{Remember, when in doubt, Spinnning Bird Kick.


To begin with, many many thanks - for the tips and the encouragement. Keep these ideas coming.

@WillHado4Food - no, I am refering to the regular SFIV. I’m a PC gamer :slight_smile: Anyways, thanks a lot. I’m glad to see that yeah, I already do most of what you said regarding when players are on the floor. I think the Focus dash against fireballs/stomps is something I’ll need to practice a lot though! But thanks for the idea.

  1. No, as the other posters pointed out Chun-Li is not the easiest character to learn but also not the hardest. The character does need strong fundamental play such as spacing, strong footsies, consistent execution and solid defense (blocking, teching, anti-air, wake-up options). If you are considering another character that also based on strong fundamentals, but more user friendly, in my opinion, try M. Bison (dictator).

  2. Play and ask questions. Play others and whatever the outcome, ask yourself why and how did I win? Why and how did the opponent win? What gave me trouble? Come up with some answers and then watch some videos and ask in forums to identify some similar scenarios and see how others handle them, try out the suggestions and tactics in matches and adopt the ones that work for you. Use practice mode to hone your execution.

  3. Matches will be lost, and that is part of the learning process. The important thing is to be able to identify why those losses occur and find solutions and improve on any weaknesses in one’s own game.

  4. I recommend browsing and posting in the Chun forum here. Imo, it is the best character forum in the sfiv section. Good, fairly organised, on topic, information with very little to no flaming and other internet stupidity.


srk double post


Thanks for all the solid advice so far. I’m really glad I found this forums. Just with the info and chat from here, I raised a few hundred in my BPs, hitting over 1k and keeping there for a good while! :slight_smile: You guys have no idea on how cool that is for someone who is really starting to get addicted and interested in a not-so-often played character :slight_smile:

Now this is probably best asked on Chun’s forum but since we are at it - how do you close in against Seth/Dhalsim? The mix of jumping fierce and fireballs really get me stuck on a corner where all i can do is block till death.


I main Sakura and I use Chun Li on the side, but I’m not too bad with her. Make sure to wake up with the occasional EX Spinning Bird Kick. Characters like Ryu are what make Chun Li shine. Hazanshu goes through (over) hadoukens and other projectile moves, it can also be used to punish those moves and close the gap quickly. Her Super has a similar effect. and don’t forget you have the kikoken, which is also a projectile. You have to start charging the second one as soon as you fire the first one to get it off on time. And for the record, Chun Li is one of the best characters in SSF4, so if you don’t think you can take her to the top, you’re running out of places to look


You’re welcome. I enjoy the game myself and always like to give what advice I can. As far as the Seth/Dhalism matchup goes, if you’re refering to them against Chun then it’s kinda rough. The only thing about them it that they have really low stamina (health). Seth has the lowest in the game and Dhalism is on par with Chun’s. So that still makes it difficult. This is another time when the focus becomes handy. You’ll need to use it quick and then either move forward or back against Dhalism’s reach. Also, use her kikon (fireball) alot if you’re far enough from his reach and he’s spamming yogas. It will cancel them so you don’t have to jump and get hit or absorb those while trying to dodge his arms. Also, if he don’t throw one when you do then you can follow it to close distance to get to him. Also, know that some moves can hurt him if they hit his arms since it counts as part of his body. The most moves like that are still risky to try and hit his arms while they’re coming at you. As far as Seth his j. hp has great priorty (if your taling about his jump forward one) and is a great move. I suggest ethat if you are turtled and charging at the time do your spinning-bird kicks (ex. spinning-bird kicks even better) while he is jumping down at you. He wall-jumps at you quick so just try to get a feel of when he will do it and work on your reaction time for when he tries to jump in at you. If you are taling about his arm stretch like Dhalism: Well then I can’t give you much help besides what I stated already, sorry.


Shit even I learned some stuff here. Chun Li does require knowledge to play effectively, so in general she reflects you. She’s good, but you have to work for your wins. Chun is a solid choice.

I’m a player switching to Chun, so this advice is much appreciated. I have trouble applying offense, I spend way too much time just “poking” around.


@circasama - With all due respect, I gotta disagree with you heavily there man. Yes, chun is a good character, that much we’re together. But you seem to forget the whole idea of “I’m learning”. I’m pretty sure there are “easier” characters to play and even if I was handed Sagat I wouldnt go up top just because of that. Now on Hazanshu thats clearly a solid strategy, only gotta practice more its timing/position/execution. It seems good against characters that tend to crouch-block a lot such as guile and boxer. Thanks on that.

@SaikyoJoe - I’m new to this, but if it works for me might work for you as well: while poking is a good way to get the opponent off-balance, playing offensive with Chun seems to be too kamikaze. One thing I learned with her so far is that even with low HP you can still turn the tables if the enemy messes up; and chun’s playstyle seems ot be all about baiting them into whiffing or otherwise open guard. She’s kinda “Karate Kid” in the sense that you cnap ull stuff so uncalled for and bizarre that will really make people wonder what to do if they arent very concentrated. Her throw (ground and air) seem to be ridiculously effective against almost anything that jumps the gun on you while you dont have an EX something prepared (lol, look at me trying to do it right).

@WillHAdo4Food - My problem against arms is the basic neutral jump fierce, mixed up with streched leg and fireballs, and eventual yoga port. That mix up absolutely keeps me from doing anything except for a lucky kick on the arms’ hitbox.

And woot. Just hit 1.2k BP. :smiley: Thanks forums. Its impressive how much you can learn from simple chats like these.


Learn to love those crouch shorts with chun. Its an amazing normal because it leads to huge damage, hits low and is really fast. On top of that, against characters with bad reversals, its free on wakeup for a decent blockstring/tick throw setup. Don’t be afraid to walk forward with chun li because even though she doesn’t have a lot of life, most of her moves are pretty safe at mid-range and a smart player can stay up close without taking much damage.
Again, be sure to bully people with poor reversals since you have a lot safe normals at their appropriate ranges.


Good luck.


Well, so an update to my odyseey in learning Chun-li for SFIV:

I’m considering quitting.

When I play against people ranging from 800-1200 BP, the fights are balanced a lot and even if I lose I understand what I could have done differently. But when I play against Dhalsim, Seth, Ryu, Bison (dicator), Honda, or anyone around 2k BP (which seems to be 80% of people I find on my matches), I get wrecked bad. And aside from the eventual Guile and Cammy, whoever plays any character other than these anyways?

Now the SF franchise really brings me a lot of cool memories and has a charm all of itself; the series lost a bit of it from Alpha 3 up to 3rd Strike (imho) but really managed to make up for it with the IV installment. And it really, really is frustrating that all I can do is being trained into combos and well, being an all around baddie. Of course, when I’m only learning the character and am facing people over 2k BPs I suppose it should be hard - but its being simply frustrating and impossible. Obviously a lot of the advice here helped me out, but there is a line where theory won’t do much to you - especifically, when you need a LOT of precision and care to play a character that once properly feinted or zoned takes extreme punishment.

If any of the cool people who understand or contributed to this topic could throw some ideas, advice or whatever, I’ll be thankful.


you gotta find out where you’re lacking. there’s always something about yourself you can improve. I suggest recording yourself and looking at the times you got hit, times where you’ve landed a hit, etc. there’s a bunch of stuff you can do. you don’t even have to record. just take a sec to think about what would make you rape the chars you have problems against


I just wanted to point out to you that uryo (one of the best c vipers in japan/world) has admitted that he had a win rate of about 10-15% in the first 500 matchesor so that he played with c viper. You’re right. Theory will only do you so much but to get good with any character requires losses and the ability to learn from those losses. If you dont care for chun li as a character then by all means pick someone else but if you enjoy her then it might do you good to stick by her for a while longer. And on another note, you’re going to be facing the exact same problem with every other character because there are people with a lot more matchup experience than you. Chun li as a character is very beginner friendly on top because she has amazing normals and simple hitconfirm combos

Considering quitting a game within a week of picking up a new character simply because youre not winning sounds weak to me but like i said, if youre truly not having fun then maybe ssf4 isnt the game for you


Well, thanks on the words and all, but the way I see it is: SF is a game built around combos; Chun’s combos are very hard to do as they depend on a very solid footsie game, and dont do a lot of damage; while say, Ryu can cross up, punch or kick and link any of these into a shoryuken and super/ultra combo.

Now, it makes a lot of sense to say that is is weak to give up if you can’t win - I can’t argue with that. But I guess I’m quitting more for realizing that the characters I really enjoy playing, or overall like in the SF series (namely Chun-li and Gen) are simply unacessible for me. And I dont really think I’d do a lot better with more “easy” characters anyways… TBH I wish I could simply quit instead of being all like “well, I’ll try again”. But then I try again and get my ass handed to me.

And by now I’m mostly just QQing in your forums. Meh. I’m just pissed I love a game and I suck at it.


I think about what Seth says to her when he beats her. “Your moves are sound, but they lack power.” play on the soundness instead of the power