Newbie creating a Skrull team

Hey, I’m pretty new to versus in general (before Ultimate, all I ever did was spam Mega Man shots at an arcade in a bowling alley as a kid a few times.) It seems like the only character I can handle reasonably well right now is Super Skrull. His combos are pretty intuitive for me and I love the ranged command grab.

The problem I’m having is that the game makes you play as more than one character. So far I’m running Wolverine/Super Skrull/Wesker, but I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing with the other guys, particularly when it comes to Wesker coming out (I can do a bit with Wolverine, like Orbital Grudge to M/H Berserker Slash and a basic combo like L M L H S j. M M H Drill Claw Dive Kick H S j. M M H Drill Claw Fatal Claw, assuming I don’t screw up the drills and do an air exchange instead.) Are there any other characters that synergize particularly well with Skrull? I’d love to have him on point instead of second, but I hear he’s a bit of a meter vacuum (and I do love making those ignorant creatures burn.)

One other quick question: being able to do meteor smash after an air S smackdown into Inferno is pretty essential to Skrull play, right? I’m having trouble doing it consistently. Generally by the time the move actually comes out (if it does, often I’ll just land empty and try to mash out a light tenderizer while I still can), I’ll have landed and my opponent will have recovered. Is this something that needs to be buffered, or am I doing it too early/late maybe?

I always wait till I land to do the meteor smash after an air series. I think you might find it useful to learn the timing for the M M H S where you land quickly after the S. That will be needed for using stone smite otgs as well. In the corner, I treat it like I’m aiming the first M at their feet, then the second at their head, then the rest works fairly often, once you get the timing you’ll just do it automatically.

Thanks so much! Usually after I launch I just sort of jam out the air series as quickly as I can. I guess that’s a habit I need to break. So if waiting a bit will put me closer to the ground when I hit with air S, I can meteor smash that much quicker?

I’ll try to help as much as I can. I’m currently really tired after getting back from Starbase Arcade.

Good teammates: Doom, Dorm, Frank, Sentinel.
Skrull is a meter hog, but he can build his own meter with a solid combo.
Time your Air normals spaced out so by the time you hit S, you’re already landing/close to the ground. Remember that you have Air Meteor Smash now so you can MS before you even land.

Pretty much, my bnb at the moment since my execution is poor is just starter -> sj. mmhs meteor smash inferno, it’s less strict than the stone smite stuff, so it’s a good place to start. If you didn’t play vanilla, I think you’re probably lucky, cause I noticed a change in the time between landing and being able to charge up stone smite, and it’s a tough habit to break if you got used to it before ultimate.

i would recommend trying skrull as a anchor to your team (at least for a bit anyway)
in the endgame with the meters and the level 3 x factor skrull is really good.

Just in case you need some extra info I can link you to my Skrull beginner guide and Ultimate Skrull Guide
Beginner: [media=youtube]2n6-hzepnhQ[/media]
Ultimate Skrull part 1: [media=youtube]AHHK_YFdINk[/media]
Part 2: [media=youtube]0zhH3c3heLE[/media]

Wow, thanks everyone.

We Skrulls are a tight knit bunch :smiley: