Newbie Endless Battle?

Is it okay if I add you? I just got the game yesterday.

Tag Sylari on PSN… sounds like this could be fun.

Sounds like a great idea, im in big need of some endless battles :rolleyes:


Add away for some fun games

Ohh and im drivning without a stick

Im always down for some heavy training add me on psn @ Saunders Carter


I’m in KY, so I don’t know how latency plays out for people on the east coast playing with people on west. If it is an issue those of you on the east coast or near KY I would definitely want to hit up some beginner level endless battles.

I’m in.

PSN: Umashikamono

Hey i also just started playing this not to long ago and would be up for some endless matches but only have it for xbox.

gamertag: Mr Ho28

vietxmikey on xbox!

I got the game two days ago and don’t have any prior SF experience and have been getting dominated online, so this sounds like fun. Send a f/r to “That Cosmonaut” on XBL.

We should set up like a time and date so we can all endless. Speaking about to XBLs only. I don’t own a ps3. :[

Anyone who adds me I’d love to play a few endless battles with on Xbox Live. If I’m playing another game and you send me a message, if I can I’ll stop and play with ya. I play most nights from around midnight until 3, Alaska time.

Add me too
PSN: Lovakul

Just say you’re from SRK

So, you guys that played with me earlier saw the match between me and that Adon player. Apparently, I asked him what are some of Adon’s unsafe moves or if the those moves were unsafe and he replies, “is this rage-mail, if so, be clearer or something?” I don’t know how asking that implies I’m raging. -.-

I’m going to guess they didn’t know what unsafe meant, and guessed you meant a move that was ‘unfair’ or something, that you were annoyed at him using? That’s about my best guess!

Yeah, I’m up for some Xbox newbie Endless Battle sometime this coming week, Gamertag Pombar. Happy to play anyone who adds. My available-time can be a bit early for some, living in GMT, but I can make a special effort if we get something arranged here in advance.

Against Blarog, Adon’s Jaguar Tooth is beaten clean by a well placed/timed Headbutt. Punish RJ like any DP, Jaguar Kick is easy to beat by a early C.HP. Balrog is actually a bad match-up for adon, since most of his 50/50 mix-ups can be beaten by Balrogs’ Normals

Yeah probably… I mean honestly, I just asked because I hardly play Adon like his that can usually execute like that and stuff or know what’s he doing with Adon. Sigh… Big headed people. I’m just trying learn the match up.

Thanks for the tips!

im down to play endless on psn

psn: chrismoke

im am down for endless with anybody FR i play most days after 2pmish washington time and weekends at like 7am hit me up xbl livevil6633

for sure guys im interested PSN- darts_junkie86

Xbox live: Deadlight 7