Newbie execution help



So I have been trying to do some more “advanced” combos with Juri but i am having issues with jump canceling from cr.hp into j.hp or her dive kick. Anyone have suggestions on how to do it consistantly. I never tried jump cancling anything until i go to juri’s last trials so I’m somewhat lost.

I also find CADCing in cobos hard is there anything i should do besides just practicing that?

I’m on a stick btw.


This is what I’ve been doing for jump cancelling crouch fierce:

As soon as you hit the crouch fierce, tap up. You don’t need to hold it. Then wait a moment and do qcb+k. If pinwheel comes out, you did qcb+k too soon. If you jump and a normal comes out, your qcb+k wasn’t clean enough. If you do the dive kick and it’s blocked, you did the qcb+k too late.


Should have posted this in the Q&A thread. Anyway, practice the jump cancel without dive kick a bunch of times. Then try doing the dive kick

You should be practicing her BnB combos, like:

cr. lk > st. lp > cr. mk > PW / Fireball store

cr. mk > LK fireball release > cr. mk / st. mp > PW / FB store

cr. lk > st. lk > st. mp > st. hk >launcher


Thanks. oh and sorry about posting in the wrong area been on srk for a while but I never posted anything on the forums until now.


I still can’t get c.hp JC j.hp off universal launcher. I’m almost always too high. That does work on everybody, right?


It does work on everyone. I think you may be hitting the c.hp too late if you’re going above them on the JC. Try timing it a little earlier.


try plinking out the moves, it comes out earlier and can hit more properly IMO


Might be kinda nub but I’ve never understood how to plink. There something simple out there showing me what’s up?
Now… not asking because I can’t do Juri stuff I just think that it’d help me with every character! Asked here because
I’m a Juri lover and it was mentioned already. :slight_smile:

Always wanted to main Juri in SF4 but glad I waited. She feels perfect in SFxTK…

Any kind words/help with plinking? Thanks y’all…


Wait, universal launcher? I’m pretty sure, at least lately, that each launcher is different on how high they launch the target. It kinda sucks for Juri since a handful of the launchers don’t launch them high enough for cr.HP jc j.HP to be easy/possible. Am I completely off?


That’s totally news to me. Don’t know one way or another if that would be the case.
I’m between points right now, so that is something I will at least look into.


I always thought launchers were supposed to be universal but after trying out different partners for Juri, I don’t think so anymore. I kinda don’t like it :confused:

In the least, try cr.HP jc j.HP after Vega’s launcher and I’d be surprised if you don’t get it to connect. It’s stupid easy and can be done in the corner.


Feels like everyone’s launcher is different. Also… It’s easier in the corner.

Juri is an executional simple character in sfxt


What are you refering to exactly?


Sorry. Launchers to c.hp, j.hp


Well if your the one cornered, pretty cause there’s barely any running. If they’re cornered (as in fully cornered), Juri will have to run quite a ways so it’s pretty tough to hit them high enough in the air with cr.HP (even if you do, you’ll have to resort to cr.MK after the ground bounce as opposed to cl.HP). Honestly though, this is the only place where the timing is different. Anywhere else on the screen, the ease is uniform. Also, this is regarding launchers that aren’t Vega’s, at least so far.

Sorry for being very heavy on launcher inquiry but, has anyone ever experienced that sometimes after a launcher, when Juri comes in, sometimes she’ll stop where your partner was instead of slightly in front (which is where anyone coming in is supposed to stop)? I don’t see this happen to any other character I’ve played but maybe I’ve just been playing Juri too much.


Grimm I experience this with Hwo if I tag too early during his Hunting Hawk. I think the reason for this is because the move is still pushing the character back and Juri has already entered. I don’t know what move you’re using, but I would assume this is the case for all.


Guys I cant perform this bnb %100.Do I need to plink this?
cr. lk > st. lp > cr. mk > PW / Fireball store