Newbie Friendly Characters

I’m gonna grab this game up very soon and I’m wondering if Zero is an easy character to play (easy combos to pull of, etc). And if he is, what easy characters synergises well with him?

Zero takes a reasonable amount of execution to do his optimal combos, but his actual neutral game isn’t terribly hard to pick up. His best partner character, however, (Dante) takes a lot of dedication and practice to use. I’m not sure if this alters your decision to play him, but it’s something to keep in mind.

as far as newbie friendly characters go, Wolverine, Wesker, Vergil, Doom (takes some getting used to), Hulk, Taskmaster, Captain America, and Sentinel are probably your best bet.

Thanks for responding! Would Vergil as point and Taskmaster + Wesker as assist synergise well?

Vergil/Wesker/Taskmaster would be a solid newbie team to learn on. Vergil gets the OTG he wants, and both Vergil and Wesker get a horizontal assist to help with teleport mixups. Task isn’t the best anchor, or even a very good one by any means, but his assist is good and he can clean up reasonably well.

Do you think I should exchange Taskmaster for someone else then?

Strider or Doom are good choices for that team. Strider isn’t newbie friendly if you try playing him for real (as in, not just Ouroborous XF3 and mash) but Vergil/Strider can put the opponent in a 50/50 mixup from anywhere on the screen, so it’s got its perks.

Doom isn’t a great anchor theoretically, but people still get hit by random Foot Dive, so that’s always an option too.

Strider looks pretty complicated, and doom looks pretty fun to play :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for your help, you’ve been very helpful! :slight_smile:

Doom is actually one of the least noob friendly characters unless you’re content just to beat the absolute bottom tier of players.

No, I’m not content just beating bottom tier players :stuck_out_tongue: If Doom is really hard who would u recommend for Vergil/Wesker

Strider is your best bet imo. It’s an extremely scrubby assist attached to a somewhat difficult character. The thing is, once you have xfactor+level 3 with strider, he becomes derp.

Zero is a moderately (but not extremely) n00b friendly character, but if you are starting on this game I wouldn’t recommend you to pick him because using him with n00b friendly mash jump H/easy mode crossups with lightning tactics wouldn’t teach you the fundamentals of this game. Things like spacing, when to call assists, air throws, movement, etc. If you start off playing this game with herp derp brain dead characters and assists you’ll likely to stay a crappy player forever.

Characters like Cap, Wesker, Task, Deadpool, Doom and Nova who are more all rounded are probably more suitable for n00bs to learn the game with. Having 1 of either Zero or Vergil is alright but I wouldn’t recommend both.

Doom is a strange case in that he’s actually not very hard to play at all but when you first try him out, he feels incredibly different than any other character in the game so its difficult to make that adjustment. Once you got down his somewhat strange dash cancels and how his combos work, you’ll rarely ever drop anything.

One of my thoery zero team - Zero, Doom (rock), Trish (low voltage)

easy character Cap, Vergil, Frank no character is easier than this three capcom why vergil
Doom is not noob friend until you learn the game itself.


There was a thread similar to this before (easiest execution characters) and it got shut down, so I have the feeling the same will happen to this one unfortunately.

Still, I would say Zero was a more intermediate character with some advance technicality to use him optimally (and he’s still yet to win a major). He has some simple basic combos, and his normal moves are better than a majority of the cast, so he would give you the advantage over other beginners. As you get used to him and the game, your technical abilities will increase and so will your proficiency in using him and you’ll eventually be able to move on to his higher execution techniques (namely the lightening loops, which makes him so dangerous as he can TOD- touch of death, which is kill a character of one hit).

I would say the most beginner friendly characters are Wolverine, Wesker and Vergil, as they’re extremely effective yet simple. Characters like Sentinel, Captain America, Hulk, Ghost Rider, Haggar, Iron Fist are really easy to use, however they’re not as effective as the first 3 I mentioned.

As far as making a team goes, Sentinel, Hawkeye, Taskmaster and Strider are among the easier assists to employ.

So some of you are saying Strider, I guess I could try Vergil/Wesker/Strider until I learn the game and then switch to a zero team after a couple of weeks.

There are a lot of characters that are good for new players, i recommend you to use a more ‘‘solid team’’ instead of a ‘‘cheap team’’, this means that you should use characters that are easy to learn and can help you to learn the basics, call assists properly, DHCs, Throws, Mixups,TAC,etc. but you shouldn’t use team with good and easy characters to learn because you will start winning but when facing players with good fundamentals and that know how the game works your team will be crushed unless you know what you are doing, i recommend you to use characters like Captain America, Ryu, Hawkeye at first and stay away from the top assists like Drones,Vajra or Jam Session and use instead solid ones like Arrows or Beams(who are still top assists but they require you to use a little more strategy than just mashin the assist button)

Why no Ryu and Akuma? In any case, I’d go with Task/Sentinel/Akuma. Very solid, simple team to start with. The only time you really would have a problem would be fighting Trish, MODOK, or a defensive Doom.

I think it is more important for him to learn the basics of team building and properties of the game and then worrying about the matchups ,’‘you need to know you before you can know your opponent’’ i am not saying matchups are not important, just that he waits to feel comfortable with the mechanics of the game, the characters he is gonna use, and then the characters he is gonna fight against.

Ryu,Hawk,Big boddies(Hulk,Sent,etc), Akuma, Captain America, Wolverine are all good options, stay away from characters like Dante/Viper/Firebrand/Magneto at the beginning(though i use Dante since the first day of vanilla but is because i fuckin love that nigga).

Easiest characters for a noob to play?

Captain America

Lots of life so you may live if your opponent isn’t optimal and do a shitload of damage for the simplest combos.
They also don’t just simply die to zoning.