Newbie Friendly Characters

Why aren’t people saying Dante? Is it because his optimal stuff is hard? That may be true but I feel like he’s a character that you can easily win with just by doing the basics. The optimal stuff just turns him into behemoth. He has a really fast tracking teleport that can crossup no matter where the opponent is. His moves have crazy priority (one of the most important aspects of a character for those of us who are not high level players) and pretty much everything he has combos. He has minimal startup on most of his moves (another big + for casual players). And on top of that he is an amazing anchor–almost unbeatable for a lot of other characters—not to mention jam session is ridiculous. And I almost forgot–doesn’t his air sword slam special have a lot of invincibility!!!

Playing Dante at a basic level is like using Zero without his charged Bustesr, there is no point in it, his teleport is easily punishable if not done carefully or without assists, his combos are meant to build a lot of meter, but at a basic level you won’t even do self-sufficient 700k combos with 1 bar, his fastest moves have 8f startup, and that by no means is fast, don’t misunderstand me his s.L and Reverb Shock(the 8f startup moves) are both great, but you need to adjust the distance when doing them so you are not in range of trading or even worse getting hit and die, you need to be capable of mantaining the correct distance for them to be usable, and with the added pushback to Dante’s normals you need to be even more careful, in a basic level you should not be able to Bold Cancel in reaction of a whiffed normal, meaning that alot of the times you will get punished, there are a lot of things that make Dante very complex for new players, why do you think there are not 15 or even 10 legit Dante’s in very high level play?

Heh I say “I play Jam Session” only because when I realized I had to actually “learn” Dante to play him even on anchor I was really insulting the character design. Basic level Dante is more advanced than advanced level Wesker with less payoff imo. Then again, who plays an advanced Wesker?

Hell no.

Dante is an extremely hard character to master and to play right. Sure spamming Jump. S works versus really really bad players but even then his damage is ass without doing some more advanced stuff (And then its still ass). If youre truely new, getting used to a character that uses Bold cancels as BNBs is not a good starter char. + His teleport is sooo punishable and he has one of the slower normals in the game but makes up for it with range.

Tbh anyone but Viper/Dante/Magneto/Jill/Shuma/Hsien/w/e you should be OK with.

I would suggest a team with Drones, Sentinel has armor, does good damage, and his assist helps take pressure of your main game. I would say use free win missiles, but Doom can be kinda tough when actually on point. Your team Vergil/Wesker/Strider or hawkeye sounds great too.

mmm I don’t know about all the beginner dante hate. For one thing I strongly disagree with the idea that he can’t do big damage for one bar easily at lower levels of play. I play a lot of team trenchcoat dante’s on the 5th lord and lower level who routinely–without dropping-do 650K+ for one bar. That’s nothing to sneeze at. And as far as his teleport being easy to punish…are you talking about offline? Because online–good luck with that. Yeah you might catch him once. But he’ll cross you up 4 times for it–which leads into one of those 650K damage combos.

Well yea thats true. Online I rarely get grabbed out of it lol. And yea his average combos are not that hard but its more about the neutral and getting used to his cancels. For that I would say he’s not a beginner character like a Wesker or a Hulk or Cap who have extremely linear but effective (lower) gameplay especially online. And all those got 700 K+ ABC combos lol. Ive abused Dante derp online before tho lol

online means absolutely nothing. if you’re trying to be serious about the game, learning online-only tactics will never make you better at the game, and attempting to pick up Dante before understanding basic fundamentals is a long, frustrating road to send a newbie down upon.

Interesting that Doom is mentioned so much. He has some of the most awkward movement in the game that can be difficult to do in lag. He also loses pretty convincingly to a lot of characters when he’s alone. Doom is pretty easy but only when you get used to the game in general, so he’s great for the lower-mid level player, but not the total beginner.

I’d say Anyone/Wesker/Akuma is pretty newbie friendly. Easy damage with Wesker’s assist, one of the best assists in the game, really good anchor with great damage output. Easy combos. It also allows you to slowly ramp up your skill by implementing more and more advanced Wesker combos/setups that aren’t very execution heavy.

Wesker/Strider is a good shell, even for online play. That’s all I’m going to say. These kinds of threads always tend to turn into pissing contests, and my definition of newb-friendly always seems to be skewed from the normal thought anyway :slight_smile:

Dude, if you want to play Zero just play Zero. Pick characters you like.

EDIT: Also, you guys all suck. I can air throw Dante’s ass online easily.

Just use phoenix as point. She has good health.

I can never Raw Teleport with Dante online.
You always need cover.

The reason you see Dante’s getting away with teleport online is nothing to do with it being hard to grab online and everything to do with most people online being terrible.

Stick with a character that forces you to play the game. Relying on XF3 is a stupid way to play, even if you are a beginner, that just invites you to turn your brain off.

A team like Vergil Wesker Task is fine since any of them can go on any position on the team.

Vergil on point gets more damage with Wesker OTG, can teleport mixup with Taskmaster. he can dhc out with either hyper from the other two with no issue, and can DHC in freely with DT or Gucci belt

Wesker can build meter and get extensions with Taskmaster in addition to teleport mixups and can do the same with Vergil’s Rapid Slash. He can come in with Maximum Wesker for either of them or counter hyper if need be.

Taskmaster can zone and force people away with Vergil and cover him. if he gets a counter or sharp sting Wesker picks them up and Taskmaster goes to work.

Each character has enough derp to get you by without having to go full brainless. this team can work. Stick with it.

You guys think you are punishing Dante’s teleport even offline? What you are punishing is the jS/jH’s startup not the recovery of the teleport itself, and with something like Disruptor behind him it’s completely safe. The recovery on his teleport is extremely minimal, try recording yourself punishing it in training mode using the visual cue only, It’s not going to happen, this is why Dante players also get free air throws when they teleport too.

Most effective newbie friendly team imo is Wolverine/Vergil/Akuma, you can play Vergil with low execution stuff and still be effective.

We’re talking about raw teleports here.

Yes, Dante’s raw teleport has that little recovery. Record it in training mode with him teching immediately(b+jH), you won’t actually throw the teleport on reaction, the best you can do is throw the jH which is what sometimes happens normally if he doesnt cover it with an assist. That’s not punishing the teleport itself.

At some stage in the future I’m going to set the CPU to teleport and automatically break throws, and see if what you’re saying is correct. Eventually.

I just tried it. And he has a point. I won’t say that it’s 100% impossible to throw Dante out of his teleport, but it might be. And in order to throw him out of a teleport, you have to just predict it. I couldn’t do it on reaction. And if you jump to soon, you won’t get the air throw because the teleport will track your jump.