Newbie geese user: help!



Guys i have a question, how the hell do you do his damn super!?

I know its prolly a dumbe question, but i cannot do it for the life of me. The game has it listed as db, half circle back, df, punch?? Is this right?? I cannot for the life of me get this to work, is there an easier way??? Thanks for any help!

Also any other tips for a newbie geese user??



db, hcb, df + punch. Yup, that’s the right one.
Just remember to really end the joystick at df when you press punch-button, it seems to be the main problem when doing a Raging Storm.

I’m in no way a Geese expert, but I know how frustrating it can be to learn him as he’s on my main team. It’s a rewarding effort though.

Some perhaps obvious stuff to remember in the beginning:

Use the as a crossup. Short jump with a mk is a good crossup after his kick-throw.

Poke with s.hp

Don’t do his hcb + k on a blocking opponent. Only buffer into hcb + lk or qcf + mp in standard combos.

Learn to combo into his Deadly Rave. Which also means you’ll soon learn to use negative edge to avoid pulling out a hcf + lk.

c.lp links into c.hp which is bufferable. Practice it.
Apparently (if I read correctly earlier today) you can link c.lp into Didn’t know that.

Rarely use his air fireball (qcb + p in air), it leaves you very open to counterattacks. You can however do d, db, b, ub + p on the ground to do one without actually jumping. Can be a decent shiel sometimes and makes you jump back.


Thanks alot for da tips man!!runs off to practice



Using Geese

Ive been using geese since king of fighters and one thing you gotta know, is how to do his raising storm. once you master it you will become so much better with geese. Its also simple to get people in the raising storm. For example if they jump or they have a continuing move like ryu’s hurricane kick or my favorite when they role right into it. Good Luck:D


A way that’s semi-easier to do motion-wise is to not bring the joystick to neutral in between his db-f or b-df motions, turning it into a db-d-df-hcb-db-d-df motion. But this usually takes longer to do so only use it when practicing or starting out on it and bring the joystick to neutral when you think you have the motion down.