Newbie getting into fighting games: which console and which game would you recommend?


please excuse my bad english, i am not a native.

i plan to get deep into the fighting scene and play competitively eventually, but i have a few questions. i hope some guys with knowledge of the scene can help me.

  1. which game should i play?
    which game is considered most competitive / hard to master? which one has the most playerbase? ( i dont want to learn an easy, not so competitive game)
    is there a list/sheet about which console/fighting games are played most online?
    what are the key differences between the biggest competitive fighting games?

  2. i do not own a console yet. should i wait the few months till the new console generation arrives? will the major series come out on the new consoles, or do you think that the fighting game scene will stay at the “old” console generation?
    and which one to get? the new/old xbox or the new/old playstation?

  3. i am from europe. is the fighting game scene big in europe aswell? will i find enough great players online?
    or is it possible to play with usa-guys from europe? does the ping-issue (normally about 120 ms from europe to usa) matter at fighting games?

  4. why do street fighter pros play with a fighting stick, but tekken pros with normal controllers? (i saw this on a torunament on youtube)
    and why is it worth buying a fighting stick, why is it better than a controller?

thanks for all answers!

As a PS3 owner and a SSF4 hater…

  1. Xbox360 has a better online community and better ports for both SSF4 and UMVC3. Either is fine to pick up, but SSF4 has a larger scene globally, and is easy to learn, but very difficult to master.
  2. Xbox360 is the way to go. The next gen isn’t backwards compatible, and no fighting games other than Killer Instinct is yet confirmed.
  3. I don’t know about the FGC in Europe, but there’s big players from France and England (Aliouine, Ryan Heart come to mind), so I assume there’s a good scene. It’s very sketchy to play online from the US with someone in Europe.
  4. It’s player preference. I find Tekken’s easier on pad because of movement. I can’t backdash cancel on stick, which is vital to playing Tekken. I’m not great at it, but I can at least do it on pad. SF has button combinations the benefit from the stick opposed to the pad. What it comes down to is what has the best combination for the movement controls and the button controls for you.

For reference, I have an Xbox 360.

1: Play whatever game you have fun with. You probably won’t be competitive at your game if you don’t enjoy playing it. That being said, SF4 is the most popular now and has been for a few years and it doesn’t seem that it’s going anywhere for a few more years. UMVC3 is the second most popular, but is a very frustrating game at the highest levels and can be very punishing for only one small mistake so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really love it. KOFXIII is an extremely hard game that is very competitive but has a pretty small following, at least in the US.
SF4 is slower than other games and very simple, UMVC3 is faster and less fair (100% combos and unblockable setups on incoming), and KOFXIII is fair and fast but it is a very read heavy game. If you really enjoy a game then start playing it and I guarantee that there’s a forum on the internet where you can get some help learning it. This site is good for Capcom games, Dream Cancel is for KOF, and Test Your Might is mainly Injustice and the Mortal Kombat series.

2: I doubt that people will flock to the new consoles for fighting games. The only fighting game at time of release will be Killer Instinct on the Xbox One. I’d say stick with the current gen for a while. Many fighting games run more smoothly on Xbox 360 but they’re not terrible on PS3. It’s your call.

3: I don’t know how big the Europe scene is but there are top players that come from Europe for big tournaments like EVO (Fox in KOF13, Ryan Hart in SF4). And as for the online, it depends on the game. KOFXIII, arguably the worst online connections of fighting games right now, is almost unplayable if the players are more than 100 miles apart but other games are much better. I’d recommend not choosing your game based on the online though. Online play and offline play are very different and playing online a lot will give you a lot of bad habits for when you transition offline.

4: Stick VS Controller is 100% personal preference. Stick is not better than controller, some people play better on stick than on controller and some people play better on controller than on stick. Like Mixah said above, he prefers a controller for Tekken because he can perform an important technique much more easily than on stick. I’m the opposite. Doesn’t mean one of us is wrong or worse than the other, we just prefer different things for that game. I’d suggest asking to play on a friend’s stick if you can to get the feel of it and see if you like it.

Welcome to SRK, by the way. Good luck finding a game you’re really passionate about.

I can help with 2 and 3

  1. In case you plan on buying an arcade stick, I’d suggest you to wait. PS4/XB1 sticks will not be compatible with PS3/XB360 and vice versa, officially at least. Only guaranteed solution where both will work is the PC.

  2. If you are from Europe, visit this site:
    it hosts online tournaments of various fighting games for both PC, GGPO and consoles.

In Europe overall fighters on PC have far more players than the USA
If you plan in playing American players without serious lag, you have to invest in Skullgirls, Blazblue and Guilty Gear and overall in fighters with GGPO netcode

Play marvel and street fighter


Yeah there’s alot of European players

For certain games stick is way better because you can do combos consistently that’ll be pretty hard on pad.

what about the tekken series, is it still play competitively and how big is the playerbase compared to the other titles?
and would i need a ps3 for that?

I don’t know why but I’m sure a stick is easier for tekken considering the awkward button combinations like 1+3. Same for SF, there are button combinations that’s difficult to pull off on a controller.

Stick or controller, it’s purely preference. People play stick because they’re used to it

If you want to get into the 2D scene, SSFIV is the way to go IMO. Large community, and it teaches you all the fundamentals of fighting games. You can get into it fairly easily, but it takes time to master the game.

As for 3D fighters, I have no idea about those, sorry.

Stick vs controller? If you have the money, I’d recommend putting the money down for a stick. Make sure it’s a good one, though. If you buy one of those $30 Brawl Sticks, you get what you pay for. It will work for maybe a few months before crapping out. Madcatz TE (Tournament Edition) is solid and fairly priced. Eightarc also has a stick (much more expensive than a TE), which is their Qanba Q4. They come ready dual-modded to play on PS3 and Xbox (and PC).

Hope this helps, best of luck!

Look up gameplay or tournaments of SF,Marvel Tekken BlazBlue/Guilty Gear or whatever you like an see if a character interest you and as for fightsticks I think the Qanba would be best since its PS3/360, as for systems it sorta depends on the game you wanna play I think tekken and the anime style fighters are good on ps3 while sf/marvel is abit better on 360

Tekken players prefer PS3.
IDK about the difference in console, but there’s definitely more. I’ve never met a Xbox Tekken player actually.

All of this will be irrelevant, because divekick comes out on August 20. It’s the only game that matters.

you think divekick will be played at evo 2014? ^^

if it is, it will probably only be for that one year and never be heard from again

xbox tekken player right here

Wow, that’s pretty cool. Yeah, never heard of that, as Tekken was PS exclusive until T6, most Tekken players started on Playstation - and they just kept up with it.
How’s the TTT2 community on Xbox? Decent?

If you’re actually going to play using a controller just go with the PS3.

yeah, i started at the very very end of T6 like a month before TTT2 came out, the xbl community is awful but it exists, i got to a remotely decent level by spending 2 in game weeks in training mode practicing various shit, watching various tutorials and was actually able to teach other people stuff in the process

There’s scrubzilla, he’s ratchet.

pc for ssf4

SF is definitely the most friendliest to fighting gamers IMO. If you want to get into 3D then Tekken or Soulcalibur are also incredible. SCV hasn’t got a lot of content going for it but the creation is amazing and the Online is awesome plus it’s probably more comfortable than Tekken but that’s my preference. Mortal Kombat and Injustice are also greAt but might feel rigid at first which is why SSF4 May be the best choice. UmVC3 is also greAt but dare yo go online, life is over until you have got extreme amounts of practice which might be best to wait for its future patch if it goes one.

Xbox all the way, this coming from a fanboy of course :wink: but it does have the better online and matches are easier to get. I also think the pad is far more easier to use than the PlayStation’ s. Saying that, PS does have some good with things like exclusives and a regular fan base for games like Tekken (Xbox tekken player here as well) but the larger fan base is over on Xbox. The netcode is considerably better but again just from what I know and gathered from experience.

The fightstick requires a lot of practice but excellent in the long run. It all comes to personal preference and I find I can do anything on the controller that the stick can do too. But evidently, I think the stick holds more nostalgic value. For those who say the D Pad is rubbish on Xbox, I find it rather more comfortable than the analog and probably more adjustable than the PS. Again preferences.

And yes there is a large community in Europe living in the UK myself. I generally play against a lot of Americans so the variety is great on who you play. Network is generally good from wherever you play though it does depend on both sides of course.

BTW I think the game with the best netcode so far might be Third Strike as games are really easy to find but I wouldn’t recommend it as of yet. The game plays very different from other Street Fighters and is probably more harder to get used to. I went in from having just played SF4 thinking I was gonna be awesome. I was so wrong and got whooped one too many. But with the right amount of practice, I’m a lot better than before. Also, Xbox One is probs best to get especially with KI on the way. Along with its upcoming versions and their reduced prices, it won’t be as bad as many have made it to be.

Hope I helped :smiley: if you ever get XBL I don’t mind helping out and sparring if you wish to get used to whatever. Vega player here, probably a good matchup to start with for complexity. But I play everyone, so don’t be afraid to ask and I’ll help anyone. :slight_smile:

Guilty Gear. Some guy even made a video series that explains how to win with every character. Very detailed! You should probably check it out!