Newbie guide: Venom PS4 / Mayflash V2 Full Sanwa (/Seimitsu) Mod with Octo for £116 [UK Pricing]

Hi all,

A lot of information I’ve seen out there is useful, but sometimes it’s quite technical, so I thought I’d make this beginners guide for a full Sanwa modded PS4 arcade stick on the cheap.

**I’ve been playing fighters on and off for a while, but SFV re-ignited that passion. Shame about the beta. Anyway, I decided to rock an Arcade stick and the Venom was very cheap in comparison to the others. I’m getting used to it but found the square gate horrible, and the buttons were even worse. The stick was quite stiff but I kind of liked it! Either way, I have been reading up various posts and threads and people have been raving about this value setup, but I couldn’t find a comprehensive guide (particularly for a noob like myself). So I decided to put this together, please let me know if it’s useful and if any corrections are needed. As PresidentCamacho mentions below, the Venom is the same as the Mayflash V2, so the same guide should apply.

**What you’ll need (and pricing):
[] Venom PS4 Arcade Stick:

] 6 x Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons:
[] Sanwa JLF TP 8YT Ball Top Joystick:
] 5Pin 2.54mm Pitch Female to Female JST:
[] Optional: Sanwa GT Y Octagonal Gate:
] Alternative: Seimitsu stick. Vyrus’ guide on how to mod with this type is located here in the thread.

**How to:
**1. Open up your original stick and have a play with it so you can notice the difference afterwards. After all, it’s what you prefer and not what everyone else says you should be using

  1. Flip it over and open the 6 screws on the back and take the backplate off to reveal (image taken part way through but effectively there’s a bunch of cables and buttons and stuff):

  2. You will notice there are 6 buttons and corresponding colored wires going into them. To save time, I put a mark next to the ones that had duplicate colors and mapped them so I knew where they went (if you don’t do this you can refer to the small board which they come out from). Here’s a closeup of some helpful coloring :smile: (picture taken post assembly, but the principal is the same):

  3. Start taking all the wires from the buttons out, don’t pinch all the way at the root, but a bit above:

  4. Remove the ball top by putting a screwdriver under the stick and rotate the ball top (image taken post assembly, but the principal is the same):

  5. & 7. Now remove the four screws holding the actual stick and lift it, then remove the 4 cables from the board it’s connected to (these can just be pulled out). Cut the cabletie CAREFULLY so the cables aren’t bound (in this picture the cabletie is not cut) and lift it out.

  6. OPTIONAL: Take your JLF 8YT and pop out your gate (there are 4 clamps, just put minimal pressure lifting it out and pop each clamp gently:

  7. OPTIONAL: Replace the square gate with your GT Y Octagonal gate (again, there are 4 clamps, just put minimal pressure and gently pop each on):

10 & 11. If you have two washers, put one washer between the stick and the inside of the case, then screw the 4 screws back in place which hold the stick, ensuring the 5 pins are facing INWARDS. Then connect the 5 pin JST cable, however, ensure the teeth of the CABLE is FACING you when you put it on, otherwise only one direction will work. I was paranoid and I connected the cable then tested it out with the case option to ensure UP wasn’t DOWN etc :smile: …and I suggest you do the same if you’re not certain. Once you’ve connected the JST cable, then connect the other end to the board, there’s only one slot for it and one way it can go in. Don’t be too forceful but do make sure it’s all the way in (in my picture it’s right above the bit that says MF002V). Do not connect the ball top yet!

  1. Unless you’ve already done so, pop out all the stock buttons, you will notice they have two ‘clamps’ which extrude under the plexi and metal. The easiest way to do this is to push one side first, then the other. If you plan on re-using these buttons, please be careful as these clamps are fragile and can’t be removed and inserted too many times as far as I understand it (picture post assemble but principal is the same):

  2. Once they’re all popped out, you can lift the plexi where the USB cable resides:

  3. Feel free to replace with your own art or get someone else to do it. Here’s my placeholder, but I’m not entirely happy with the design so I’m going to change it (which would explain why my stick is naked!):

Yep, I know that Ken isn’t from SFV :smiley:

Remember that the old models have the button scheme on the plexi. The new models do not have the button scheme on the plexi. As far as I understand, there are only cosmetic differences between the old and new model. This post has the template. The following youtube video from @johnnytoxic has details on how you edit it:

  1. Put the plexi back on (it’s magnetic, fancy!) then insert all the buttons to your liking:

  2. If you had two washers (see point 10.) put the other washer on, then screw the ball top back on the stick, and use a screw driver to gently tighten (this MAY not be necessary):

  3. Remember the little diagram we did (perhaps it was just me…) - well this comes in handy now that you need to reconnect all the cables back. It doesn’t matter which PIN you connect the respective PAIR of cables to:

  4. Voila!

  5. Test it out in your favourite fighter

I’m aware there are similar posts but I couldn’t find one that quickly explained the steps for this specific arcade stick, and with the female to female JST cable, it was super easy! I hope this has been useful.


Nice guide, I’m sure many people will find it helpful given the volume of requests we’ve seen about the venom. Also, you could add the mayflash v2, as it’s the same.

Sure thing, I’ll edit to include it

Great write up. A+ on just the post.
Also great job on the Mod. Even after the mod everything looked like it came stock.

Also good thinking wiring notes on how to wire up everything.

Very nice guide, cheers geezer!

Hey, this is an awesome guide I was looking into getting one of these sticks soon instead of the new TE. Be nice to have something more personal.

How do you get the design the right size to cut out? Do you just print it out on an A4 sheet and cut it out?

Will I just be able to copy that picture above, and slap my own pictures/design on top?

Hi Sure you can, please follow the link to the ‘template’ provided in the artwork step, and that one you can use to do whatever you want with. If you want my illustrator file, which also has colored button options (outer and inner color) then I can send this to you.

Ahhh okay cool, I’ll take a look! So will I just print this out on A4 then cut the holes out I guess?

Hmm not entirely sure what the printing procedure is unfortunately but I will add it to the guide when I’ve done so myself

Wicked :slight_smile: I’ll keep tabs on this. Real neat guide.

Thanks a ton mate!

Thanks for the guide, but from personal experience i’d say it’s easier to remove the stick first, then change the buttons one at a time.

Because there’s no stick in the way anymore you can lay the stick flat while you remove cables from a button, then pop out that button and pop the new one in, lay it flat again to attach the cables, and then remove the cables from the second button, pop it out, pop new one in, attach cables, etc.
Repeat those steps till all the buttons are replaced, then screw in the new stick (or the old one if you only wanted a button change) and the work is done.

I personally found this easier than drawing up a schematic which leaves room for error.
Again, personal experience, i always mess up something or can’t read my own handwriting anymore or the cat spills my drink all over the schematic so it’s unreadable…doing one at a time is pretty foolproof =)

EDIT: As requested by Sinetwo in the generic Venom stick thread, here’s a link to the cable i ordered from because wouldn’t ship to my country:

Appreciate the time and effort that went into this Guide. Thank you so much!. Wish there was a link/Guide forum where people would upload and share their Venom stick artwork. I would love an Awesome Street fighter V Cammy or Laura design to complement my stick, but alas i’m hopeless at designing my own.

hi ya great write up on the printing artwork side you would need a a3 printer or get someone to print it for mine I brought a a3 poster and cut it to fit which lucky for me worked out but it was a pain in the backside lol also I changed the joystick for a old sanwa jlf with a octo gate but had to revert to the old stick but found out if you take the top plate off the octo gate fits straight in and I actually prefer it but that’s my preference

Do I need to buy the JLF-H cable on with the joystick?

It depends who you buy from. Some sellers include the harness some don’t.
You should have one for installation any ways.

Great guide thanks - I’ve now done most of what you’ve said and am loving the stick.

One problem I’m having, and I don’t know of anyone can help, when I’m playing from time to time all of the buttons and the stick just go dead. If I flick the ps3/ps4 switch to ps3 and then back down to ps4 it let’s me connect the stick again.

Anyone else had this problem? Is there anything I can do?

This isn’t guaranteed fix, but its on a hunch that it might be just static build up. Attach a wire from somewhere on the metal top panel, maybe the screws holding the joystick in place to one of the ground terminals on the board.

Thanks, I’lol give it a go

Hi new on here, sorry but don’t you need to buy 8 buttons? Also Ken is in SFV or is that some sort of joke?