Newbie Guile



Hi I’m really new to Guile and really new to Street Fighter in general. 200-300 PP 1100 BP

I have a question. When I throw a sonic boom, what distance is it supposed to be thrown at? I know guile is supposed to be medium distance ish… but does that mean close enough to backfist?

Also, whenever I throw a sonic boom and they jump over it and hit me with a kick, I never have time to c.hp or to charge a flashkick. What anti-air am I supposed to use in this situation? Guile is supposed to have fast recovery on the sonic booms right? But I always seem to get punished. Maybe I’m just standing too close? Or maybe they’re anticipating my sonic booms? Or maybe I’m using the wrong AA?

Thanks for the help.




If you get hit during your SB recovery that means they either read it or you were too close. Distance you’ll have to get through experience, but it’s a little farther than backfist I think. If you throw a boom you won’t have time to charge FK usually, you should use cr.hp. If they’re jumping from a bit further away is good (not There are other situational AA’s that you can use like or but they have very specific ranges and timing and I wouldn’t worry about that until you have the basic sonic boom, cr.hp game down.
Also remember you can charge booms by holding DB, that way you don’t walk back, unless you want to. Use bazooka knees and sobats to keep charge for booms while spacing yourself.


Common issue is going autopilot when you throw booms. Leave gaps in there to.bait them into jumping. Very few people can reaction jump sonic booms and punish. Of you are getting hit, they are usually guess jumping. If you recongnize that, then you should start baiting them at ranges that thdy feel comfortable jumping from. It will come together the more you play.


The only way to punish Sonic Boom with a jump in is to be in the air when you throw it. If the opponent jumps over it from close distance just block. If he jumps from the right distance use cr. HP or n. MK. At farthest distance is where Flash Kick works. But be aware there are some ways to punish Booms from close distance WITHOUT JUMPING. Reversals, Dhalsim’s cr. HP, Chun Li’s Super and Ultra, Ryu’s Super… in a few situations you have to reduce your Booms to minimum.