Newbie help with combos and other stuff



Hey guys, this is my first post, hope you have the patience with me. I’ve been playing the game for quite a while but was never devote to it. I would just go in to the arcade and have some fun. But I find myself limited to only few tricks since I’ve never mastered the combos. With Geese I have no trouble against players who can’t combo, but against the really good ones, I have trouble keeping up with them.

The question is how do you guys practice with the combos? And what are the major combos you guys use? My most common one is c. jab, c.short and double reppuken. It’s flashy and can take quite a chunk off the lifebar but it’s vulnerable and it’s hard to set in.

I can execute the raging storm pretty much on slower players and on certain machines(this sounds crazy but it’s true, shorter joysticks are harder to work with) With Deadly Rave I usually execute it when my opponent is in a middle of a move or the opponent just finished rolling, but I have yet to combine it with a jump in combo.

Perhaps the biggest hindrance is I have a bad habit of always holding the joystick back for blocking position, this prevents me from utilizing his two special moves that requires the half-circle back motion, namely his counters and Jaiken. I guess the first instinct is always do hold back for an autoblock since pressing forward gives me the impression for inviting a hit.

Can you guys give me some advice how to deal with the combo and half-circle back issue? Thanks.


if you’re want to combo with geese, the first thing you should know is that jaiken is the shit. it does massive damage and can be linked off of most of his normals.

you can also link his crouching lp extremely easily into crouching medium kick or standing fp, into jaiken. check some of the older geese threads for more detailed info into his links. they’re pretty easy though so don’t sweat it.

btw, learn to combo into deadly rave. connect it and the match is pretty much over. again, check older threads for more info. sorry if i’m vague. it’s pretty late.


check this out

its a short vid with his basics =)


Thanks for the link Evil Hoshi, those are some sick moves. As for using Jaiken, I’m aware it’s a lifebar cruncher if you can combo it off. What bugs me though is that if the opponent blocks, you’re pretty much open for a nasty counterattack. Now a question about executing combos that involves Jaiken after a jump in, do you guys memorize it like a sequence and perform it? Or you just pretty much do it based on reflexes? The reason I’m asking is if you do it based on memorization, won’t that leave you open if the opponent managed to block your 2nd hit?

Also when you’re about to perform the Jaiken motion in a combo, do you guys hold the joystick forward in advance while performing the pokes? Or do you basically just hold it back or leave it neutral then go for the half circle motion?


ok, i do it like this, i just combo the move, never only the jaiken, and im doing it like this:

s.short, s.short ( thats when i start with the motion) and with ther thirt short for the jaiken the motion is done? understand?

and if u combo it from s.fierce its easy, u have enough time


Evil Hoshi:

I liked the video. Did you make anymore?


You forgot his main B&B jab x3, sweep. Also c.jab, s.fp xx rush, and finish the deadly rave with that combo.


no, i havent forgett anything i thin, the only thing i do is that i dont use any links in my basic vids. Only real combos, u know what i mean a link is a combo to but … u know.

And yes i have more, i made that kind of vids for about 13 character and i still work on new. But i cant post any links here bevause of the transferlimit on my page, but i post emule links and bittorent links if thats ok =)


B&B combos listed in the CvS2 book:

-d.LK, d.LP, d.HK
(Makes sense. d.LK is a 3 frame attack just like d.LP, but also hits low too. 3 frame link on the d.LK --> d.LP. 2 frame link on d.LP --> d.HK)

-d.LK or close s.LK, close s.HP xx hcb+MK or deadly rave super
(close s.LK is the best. Thing hits in 2 frames (!) gives +7 and is super cheap. close s.LK --> close s.HP is a 3 frame link)

-close s.LK x 2, d.LP, d.MK xx deadly rave super (9 hits), close s.LK, close s.HP xx hcb+MK
(d.LP --> d.MK is a 4 frame link… too easy)


Ok I’m here to report my current progress, Geese is one tough MF to learn!!!
I still can’t do his combos as consistantly as I want to. It seems like I get hit more often than I get to hit them. I have no problem with M.Bison and Blanka, I can pretty much poke and combo my opponents off but with Geese I find that to learn the timing is extra hard.

Out of this I do have something positive to say, I took the advice from some members about the easier raging storm motion(half-circle back twice and down diagonally + punch) and boy it does come out like a beauty. Level one still sucks ass, I got like knocked down during all the attempts in the middle of releasing those energy pillars. Sigh…I wish I had the game at home so I could practice in mastering Geese. I haven’t bought any consoles since the SNES, I only play the game at the arcades and I get whipped everytime because of the live opponents.:stuck_out_tongue:

I still want to thank you guys for giving out the tips even though I still suck.
So thank you guys, I’m going to continue to tackle with Badass Geese.


I have wiped up some Geese combos myself! Read and learn!

/ = or
// = different sequence
*(E.S.) Evil Shadow Masher is the original name for the jaiken.

B & B Combos:

(Tall char.) - j. hp (2 hits), c. wp/wk, c. wp & c. hk ~ 5 hits.
(Tall char.) - j. hp, s/c. hp & wk. e.s. masher ~ 6 hits.
(Zangief) - j. hp, s. hk & wk. e.s. masher (after the 1st kick) ~ 6
(Tall char.) - j. hp, c. wk/wp & double reppuken ~ 5 hits.

  • 2 s/c. wp/wk & double reppuken ~ 4 hits.
  • s/c. wp, s/c. wk & double rep. // s/c. wk, s/c. wp & double rep. ~
    4 hits.
  • j. hk, s. hk/hp/c. hp & mp rep. (after the 1st kick) ~ 3 hits.
    (Tall char.) - j. hp, s/c. hp & mp rep. ~ 4 hits.
    (Zangief) - j. hp, s. hk & mp rep. ~ 4 hits.
    (Certain char.) - s/c. wp x3 & c. hk ~ 4 hits.
    (Certain char.) - s/c. wk x2, s/c. wp & c. hk ~ 4 hits.
    (Certain char.) - s/c. wk, s/c. wp x2 & c. hk ~ 4 hits.
    (Certain char.) - s/c. wp, s/c. wk, s/c. wp & c. hk ~ 4 hits.

Combos involving supers:

  1. (Tall char.) - j. hp & raising storm ~ 7 hits.
    • Deep j. hk & raising storm ~ 6 hits.
  2. (Tall char.) - j. hp, s/c. wp, c. mk, deadly rave (cancel the last
    move then…), s/c. wp/wk, s/c. hp & wk/mk e.s.
    masher ~ 18 HITS!!
  3. (Certain char.) - j. hk, s/c. wp/wk, s/c. hp, deadly rave (cancel
    the last move) s/c. wp/wk, s/c. hp & wk/mk
    e.s. masher ~ 17 HITS!!

C - Groove combo:

(Tall char.) - j. hp, lvl. 2 raising storm & lvl. 1 raising storm ~ 9

  • Deep j. hk, lvl. 2 raising storm & lvl. 1 raising storm ~ 8 hits.

N - Groove/S - Groove (life RED) combo:

  1. (Tall char.) - “No. 3” from above, but after the deadly rave
    (cancel the last move) perform the lvl. 1 raising
    storm ~ 16 HITS!!
    • Deep j. hk (exclude the j.hp) and perform the remaining “no. 5
      ” from above ~ 15 HITS!!

                 | Now...for the REAL advanced shh... |

C - Groove combo:

  1. (Tall char.) - j. hp, c. wp, c. hk, lvl. 2 raising storm & lvl. 1 raising
    storm ~ 11 hits.
    • Deep j. hk (exclude the j. hp) and perform the remaining
      "no. 7" from above ~ 10 hits.

N - Groove/S - Groove (life RED) combo:

  1. (Tall char.) - j. hp, s/c. wp/wk, c. mk, deadly rave (cancel the
    last move), s/c. wp/wk, c. hk & lvl. 1 raising storm
    ~ 18 HITS!!
    • Deep j. hk (exclude the j. hp), s/c. wp x2, c. mk//s/c. wp,
      s/c. wk, c. mk//s. wk, c. wk, c. mk and perform the
      remaining “no.9” from above ~ 18 HITS!!

I hope ya’ll learn a something more about Geese from this information. If you’re able to do these in battle…well are the Geese master! Holla!!


i cannot seem to be able to combo the jaiken without blending preceding commands into the combo.

what im trying to say is i cannot do:
<d> lk xx <b, db, d, df, f> lk

instead i can do:
<d, db, <d> lk , df, f> lk

*the direction key order as pressed is inside < >

which obviously makes me completely open if the first is blocked.

am i just not fast enough? or is there a trick to doing this that nobody’s telling me?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that’s called buffering.
As to how to “cure” you, I can’t say much except you need to practice getting the motion down accurately, and after that, just try to do it quicker and quicker. When I first picked up this game, I found it extremely hard to do moves quickly. As it is now, I can do a Cammy s. hp xx qcf2+hk combo, but I can’t, for example, do a Cammy s. hk xx qcf2+hk combo. It’s just that I can’t do the motion fast enough, but since I know how to do the motion, with practice I’ll get faster. I think that’s the most accurate advice there is.
That and don’t give up :slight_smile:


thank you very much for your post.

im still at earlier learning stage for this game, and this game can get frustrating when practicing. there are always doubts as to if what i’m doing is correct. your post has cleared much of doubt. not only on account of geese, but in general gameplay of CVS2