Newbie here needs some help ^^

In every fighting game I play online I always get cornered. Every match, I usually start off by blocking. Am I playing too defensively and that is the reason this is happening? It doesnt happen offline against my friends or the CPU on any difficulty. Do you guys have any tips to keep me out of the corner or help me play more offensively? Also, if theres anybody who can play on PSN a few times a week with me so i can get better, I’d appreciate it. I usually play against my friends but they dont like fighting games so I don’t get any better ):

Ummm…don’t walk backwards all the time? I know that it sounds silly but I see that newer people playing SFIV are always anticipating attacks and hence doing it subconsciously. Unless its a jump in or an overhead attack, try blocking while crouching, your character will stay there instead of moving backwards when no attack happens. Attack offensively if you can, but don’t get overwhelmed by doing so, like jumping in all the time, a wrong step may put you in a situation that might screw up your game plan. And don’t consider your tactics with the AI a viable way to play against people online, trying to Lvl 3 focus attack your opponent will give them free hits. As all fighters do, you will get better over time. Try seeing replays of you battles online and see where your can improve, and take note:

-When did you get hit?

-Why did you get hit?

-How could you have avoided it better?

-What was the other guy doing when you did Block,/jump/attack?

-What did he do when you attacked?

And that is just among a few things that could help you improve. I wish you the very best

I think u r playing a bit scared because u don’t kno anything about ur opponent. U don’t do this against ur friends because u play them all the time so u kno how they play which changes ur mindset. Think how u play and what u do when u r playing ur friends and try 2 apply that 2 ur online play.

Also u should not be starting every match blocking and moving backwards, if ur gonna move back at least counter that by moving forward a bit as well, it keeps u in a decent position and also keep ur opponent on there toes.

Hold your ground. Start thinking and playing offensively. Defense doesn’t have to suffer as a result either. But waiting for your opponent to throw a punch is a poor start to a match. Momentum is everything!

Don’t walk backwards as much, hold your ground. Think of ways to counter what you opponent is trying to do instead of thinking "I’ll just run away to avoid it"
that will obviously only work until you hit a corner or he anticipates your running away.

I agree with everyone here, starting a defense had me losing my momentum every match while using characters I do not know much about, but when I switch to my main (dictator) I start my matches so offensively and as a result I feel confident and play a solid game, but when I play a defensive game I feel lost and things go so bad. Also you should know how to punch a mistake with highest damage possible, that’s will give your opponent an indicate not to try anything foolish. The other major part is to know how to do a safe jump, how to blockstring, how to block a cross, how to do an option select. You can refer to vesperarcade in YouTube chapter 9, he will guide you throw several things where you can change your mindset and know how to progress amazingly in the game. Good luck :slight_smile:

Ill try all of your suggestions, thanks all. I feel these can also apply to UMVC3 as well. :slight_smile:

Funny you mention vesper arcade, i have all there SF tutorials on my watch later list. I watched them all (sort or… zoned out) Guess i should start from chapter 3 or so, thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

Can’t help you without match footage. Also, for your PSN matchmaking purposes, take it to the matchmaking section.

General advice. Stop getting pushed into the corner, stand your ground and fight back. If you’re getting cornered in every match, it means you’re either jumping back into your own corner willingly (almost always a dumb idea), or you’re just blocking and letting people push you there. Learn to play the footsies game, how to anti-air properly, and create set-ups where you’re able to land damage.

Check the newbie forum for more info, read all the important stickied posts, and attempt to apply them to your game.


you don’t get cornered by people who don’t play ssf4 or bots? really? id be impressed if you did get cornered by a bot.

if you don’t want to be cornered the easy way just pick akuma. Most people can’t get a very good punish off of random tatsus, do those plenty.

Moved to newbie since it is a pretty wide spread general new comer issue, but I highly suggest you go to your character’s sub-board and read the match up threads for specific advice on your problem.

thankyou :slight_smile: