Newbie in need of help


Hello everyone,
I am a total beginner in arcade fighting. I’ve spent 6 hours in it. But I can’t chain light attacks.
Such as, Ex Kyo’s cr.B, cr.B, st.B, qcf.A, qcf.A, B
after doing two crouching lights dummy is blocking my third standing light.
Is it normal for a beginner? Do I need to do it faster? Please help me coz without it i dont have an combo eve an bnb.


6 hours isn’t very much time at all, so relax. It takes a long time to train your fingers to do what your brain wants them to do when the time frame you are dealing can be as short as 1/60th of a second. if the attack comes out but does not combo you are too slow, if you push the attact and it does not come out you are too fast.Train links for 30 minutes a day then work on spacing and footsies the rest of the time. If you are a total beginer combos are not very importaint, because if you don’t learn spacing and footsies you won’t even be able to land a hit to do a combo anyway.


Thank you, but how much did it took for you? (Just for my estimation.)


Well, I can’t even really remember how much time it would’ve taken for me. I could do it as long as I could remember.

On the subject of EX Kyo’s cr.B cr.B s.B, honestly you’re probably just waiting too long to press that standing B. If it’s not comboing, then you’re simply not pressing the button quickly enough after the 2nd cr.B. Just try pressing it a little sooner.