Newbie in need of serious help!


Hello I am in complete trouble that’s why i am opening this discussion. Maybe I am the first to face the problem.
I am a total beginner in arcade fighting. KOF XIII is my first game. In the trial mode I was trying to do ex kyo’s combos. And later I also tried in Practice mode also but I can’t chain a light attack to another.
Such as, I was tring Ex Kyo’s cr.C, cr.C, st.C, qcf.A, qcf.A, B or D.
After doing the two crouching lights dummy is blocking my st.C.
Do i have to do it very fast or am I doing it wrong??
Please help me I can’t chain any light or heavy in KOF on any charecter.


light kick is actually denoted as B in this game.

if the dummy is blocking the st.B then you must be doing it too late. if you were doing it too early, the st.B wouldn’t come out at all. the pace is brisk but not rushed or mashed. iirc it’s a consistent 1-2-3 rhythm.

this video shows the player’s hands:

in advance i’ll say not to bother attempting the last couple of trials with any character unless you enjoy doing impractical combos… which i’m guessing you will not.


You’re talking about cr.B (A=light punch, B = light kick, C = heavy punch, D = heavy kick) right? If the st.B gets blocked but comes out, you’re probably doing it a bit too slowly. There’s a rhythm to the cancels, just try out different rhythms and you’ll get used to it. You definitely don’t have to be inhumanly fast for those, so just try different rhythms and you’ll see you’ll find the correct one.

Also, don’t even think of the Aragami followups yet. Just get cr.B, cr.B, st.B to connect, then try st.B, qcf+A. Then put it together for cr.B, cr.B, st.B, qcf+A. The biggest reason people mess up their combos in the beginning is because they’re scrambling around. Break it into small, comfortable chunks and practice doing them calmly and then start putting them together into bigger and bigger pieces until you have the whole combo together.


Thanks a lot you two, the video also with the sound will help me a lot. I will try my best to stay relaxed and try it.


Also, don’t give a rat’s ass about the later trials. The combos shown are neither practical nor meter efficient. They’re masochistic bullshit that’s there to test your execution and show what the character/engine can do when stretched to the limit, little else. They’re the equivalent of picking up Guitar Hero and playing Through Fire and the Flames on Motherf***ing Hard mode.

The stuff in Dream Cancel’s Quick Combo References is stuff you might actually end up using in the beginning, so look for those.


thanks Komatik