Newbie in need of some general tips!

Hi everyone!

I’m a relatively new player to the fighting game scene, having only recently picked up an interest in fighting games. I used to play Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition on PC casually, but I am now trying to transition to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on my PS3.

Being a newbie in playing fighting games on console, I seem to have pretty terrible execution, as well as not really knowing what works for me in general on UMvC3. I will be playing with a DualShock controller for a very long time to come, so I’m not really open to ideas of getting a pad to play UMvC3 with.

My question is, are there any tips out there that can help me improve my game? Currently I’ve been using the D-Pad for input, should I be using the analog stick instead? I also fumble up with pressing combinations like S+A, S+B, S+C, Taskmaster Legion Arrow combinations, etc.

I also played Marvel vs. Capcom 1 on my PS1 but this was a VERY long time ago (maybe 10 years ago, I haven’t used a console to play a fighting game since), so I don’t really remember how to play characters who may have recurred in UMvC3 from MvC1, such as Wolverine and Captain America. I was also using the Simple controller back then, as opposed to learning how to play on Normal/Manual controller, as I am doing now with UMvC3.

Also I would probably want to learn about match ups, how to get into fights, etc. I’ve been playing it for 2 days now, and most of the time I fumble right at the beginning when I try to attack my opponent, such as getting push blocked, or not guarding in time (I really suck at guarding). I also want to know when I should be using assists, and how to get accustomed to using assists, since I did not play MvC2. As I have stated the most recent fighting game I’ve played was SSF4:AE about 3 months ago, and that game did not have stuff like assists. I have been reading some of the posts on the forum, but at times they still baffle me, and even with combo threads I feel that I would not be able to successfully execute long strings of attacks. Right now I am holding off on team building until I better understand the game, as for now I only intend to play with the AI.

My goal is to try to at least be competent in online play (not necessarily to be the best, but to at least make it worth my while - and my opponent’s while - trying online play). Thanks for any tips that can help me! Cheers!

Just an update, if anyone is interested in helping me out.

I’ve been trying out a team of Ryu/Chris/Frank West recently. Seems like so far I’m just able to do basic magic series combos.

With Ryu: Finish it off with an air tatsu H instead of a second S, then rounding that off with an air shinku.
With Chris: Basic magic series - s.L s.M s.H 6H S j.M j.M J.H j.S 2H melee hyper (forgot what it’s called)
With Frank: s.L s.M S j.M j.M j.H j.S snapshot survival hyper (forgot the full name, it was the qcf + atk + atk)

I try playing Wesker in training mode once in a while, and after the magic series with Wesker, I can’t seem to move fast enough to dash and use 3H on an opponent that has been knocked down by j.S

I still need to work on my blocking, push-blocking, using assists and how to approach someone. Probably once I am comfortable with Easy or Normal mode on Arcade, I will probably give online a shot.

Hey with level one Frank instead of ending the air combo with jS. End it with d,df,f H the axe. You can then relaunch get in some more hits spike them down and then snapshot into survival techniques.

It’s been about a month since I picked up this game. Still feel like a really horrible player. I’ve been looking for some new characters to fit for a Frank West-centred team, but so far I’m just drawing blanks after trying most of them. Some problems I’m still having:

  1. I can’t ever seem to get close to my opponents as Frank. I am losing to Hawkeye and Iron Man beam spams, Ghost Rider chain spams, and can’t even get close.

  2. Everytime I do manage to hit, I always end up whiffing. For example, when I catch someone with Frank’s cL, i press S and he launches them in the air, but I don’t follow them upwards in the air…I seem to be able to do a simple Frank BnB in training mode, but when I’m fighting someone I just whiff it like 85% of the time.

  3. I am still not used to calling out assists. Like I know that combos can be extended with assists, but I simply can’t get used to calling assists.

Thanks for the combo advice Quan118, I’ve incorporated that into my Frank BnB.

Still need a lot of work, I’m also trying to find the time to put in the hours into training, so any guidance or advice would be much appreciated. Cheers!

With Frank you should definitely look to get him to level 3. I struggle a lot getting him in been using team aerial combos though. It makes it a lot easier to level up Frank with assists just call the assist in then otg with snapshot continue the combo.

I think it’s easy for me to get him to level 3 if I don’t whiff his combos…half the time I’m launching people without following up, then with a few pokes here and there, half of the BnB combo outright kills them, giving me no chance to snapshot to level up. I can’t seem to unlock my opponents. When I’m matched up against Hawkeye or Iron Man as Frank, I end up being stuck on the far opposite end of the screen, and not being able to get close.

Try an easier team with less demanding execution. Maybe Captain America, Wesker, Hulk. But don’t feel bad if you don’t win a lot, you are playing people who have been playing similar games for years. Spend more time in the trials mode and training room then you do playing people online, then get to your local scene and play people in person. Don’t worry about playing w/ pad since some of the best players who play UMvC3 play on pad.

Thanks jasinedward, I’ve tried Cap. and Wesker before.

  1. For Cap, I also have the same problems of getting in. But when I play Cap., I just use LMHS air MMHS shield slash into hyper charging star. I think it’s decent, I just don’t utilize Cartwheel enough because of the button input (S + attack).

  2. I don’t seem to utilize Wesker’s teleports enough. I just do LMHS air MMHS then 3H but can’t seem to follow up after that.

I am not too worried about losing, I only don’t like losing because I was not able to touch my opponents at all. I’ve been spending the most time in the training room with Frank to land that BnB, and I feel he’s the character I’m probably most comfortable with right now. I also want to play Spencer, but once again, having problems closing in…I might give Hulk a go.

I would recommend switching the order of your team to:
Frank West - Ryu - Chris
And perform Noel Brown’s level up trick.
(LMHS air MMH ground bounce S air MMHS Snapshot - 214 ATKATK - DHC into Ryu Denjin Mode - Hard Tag into Frank Snapshot
TBH - I would take out Chris all together, but thats just my personal preference.

Thanks killonater, I will give that a try, I haven’t been playing Chris for a while now, been messing around with some others like Spencer

Obviously? Regardless of what team you are playing you have to put the time in if you want to succeed. Grind it out until you never drop your bnb’s in match play.

As for strategy, I’ve found that watching top players is especially helpful in this game. Try looking at how people like Chris G and Noel Brown try to get in with your characters, especially since their teams don’t have an assist to help them get in (They both have Dark Wesker usually). If you see any nice mixups or setups, take them and practice them even if it involves an assist you don’t like. The practice is good, it will further your understanding of the game, prepare you for that character, help you explore the roster for other characters to play, and it might inspire you to develop something with what you like to play.

Also, the character subforums are a must visit. Try and watch every video and read every post on a setup or on strategy. In the past, I have definitely improved my play in plenty of matchups because of advice or a video I saw someone post.

Hey guys, I’ve been playing on and off due to busy schedules and stuff. Spent a good 4 hours or so just playing with PC in Normal Arcade, and I have found a few team options I think I like. Just need suggestions on where to go from here:

Frank West - Is he played best as point or second? I’m definitely putting Frank into my team, I’ve put a lot of time into training his Level 1 BnB’s (mainly because I can’t ever seem to hit higher than that consistently enough to try and learn his BnB’s for higher levels).

As for options for my team:
Wesker - People say he’s easy. I think he’s not quite as easy as people say. I’m trying out his BnB with Cobra Strike and Ghost Butterfly, but can’t seem to land Ghost Butterfly after Cobra Strike/OTG. Everytime I play him I can’t seem to land hits on opponents.

Doctor Doom - Still trying to get his corner BnB on pad, will need to work on his midscreen too at a later point. I think if I spend enough time to get his combos, he might make a pretty solid anchor. I like his assists but sometimes having trouble picking between A or B assist for one to go well with Frank.

Nova - Yet another character categorized as “easy to play”, but I’m having trouble with his :dp: L OTG into Super Nova Hyper and his fly/unfly combo (I have problems with all fly/unfly combos in general, including Sentinel). I think the :dp: + L xx Super Nova will come eventually, but it’s the fly/unfly I can’t seem to quite pull off. Supposedly he’s good for a Frank team, as I can Super Nova and DHC whiff into Survival Techniques, allowing for easy Level 3’s or 4’s.

Nemesis - I think he’s easy to play, and pretty solid. However I am really only effective with him in a corner, and with an OTG assist like Wesker’s gun assist, doing stuff like LMHS j.M j.M j.H j.S land OTG S j.M j.M j.H j.S xx :qcf: Hyper. How would Nemesis fit into a Frank team?

Wolverine - Seems easy enough to play, but like Wesker, have problems hitting opponents who know how to guard. I’ll need to try mixing up with assists/ :qcb: + L.

I was watching the WinterBrawl tournament recently, seems Noel Brown ran a Wolvie/Frank/Wesker team if I recall?

Thanks for the tip bitbna1, I spend time reading up in the character subforums now, and sometimes I picture how the combo will end up looking like in my head. Those combos I mentioned above were kinda pulled out from the subforums, and watching some videos. I was rotating between Frank/Doom/Wesker and Nemesis/Sentinel/Wesker (Unknown’s team in Winter Brawl, seems solid but I don’t like it since I can’t play Sentinel for nuts).

Probably gonna avoid players for a bit until I can get the execution and stuff down. Sorry about that, and thanks for the help!