Newbie Juri Questions: being offensive without jumping in and constantly blocking

I apologize is this is already been mentioned. I wasn’t exactly sure how to word this and “jumping in” didn’t really seem to give what I was looking for.

So I’ve been trying to go over the problems I have been having playing Juri, and I’ve come up with 2 situations where I feel clueless on what I should do to change it. First, I find myself very often feeling like the only way, aside from very obvious punishes, to be offensive it to jump in on people. I’ve tried to move in behind fireballs, but it seems like they jump them or shotos just outfireball me. I find myself just instinctively jumping in when I can’t think of any other way. Each time I do, I facepalm.

The other problem I’m finding if when I play defensive and just freeze up and try and just block everything. I end up letting people do lots of block strings on me, and eventually they will get at hit in because of the sheer amount of attacks they do. When I try and throw in pokes in between their block strings, I get countered and they got the combo anyway.

I’m having a hard time of coming up with ways to correct these 2 areas. Any tips?

this probably should be in another thread, however I think that this is important enough to have a discussion on.

First thing I will say is that Juri although is very normal in her moves…fireball kick leads to fireball release…dive kick, pinwheel…counter…all of her specials are pretty straight forward. Nothing exciting. But the ability to use all of these things makes her like a tornado that needs to be tamed. Often I feel out of control of the character…like she might pinwheel right off the damn screen. I say this because, if your new to the character you’re gonna feel like this.

Fireballs are your friends. They will be retarded good in covering the screen in purple rain. I think the best thing to do is to post your problem match up’s in the match up thread. Even though your problem is with getting in and controlling space on the screen…this is different in a majority of the matches and depends strictly on your opponents options.

I’ll try giving my five cents, since I was tackling some these problems in the recent months, and to a degree still am.

For me, when I’m going too defensive, it has helped me to sometimes just go nuts (for practice, not as a strategy). For practice, throw out a poke every time you have even a little frame advantage in their blockstring. You’ll eat counterhits a lot. But eventually you’ll find what works and what doesn’t. Just remember to return to your normal play, but remember where it was ok to counter-poke. This is how I’ve fixed my super-passive super-lame turtle play little by little. Mind you, its not bad to be defensive, its a very valuable skillset. Its very frustrating for an opponent to have everything he does blocked/teched (chip doesn’t matter much). You just have to be able to occasionally take the offensive when the opportunity arises (mistake from them / you cornered them etc).

Against some of the characters their offensive game is just too good up close (cammy,cody,dudley,rose come to mind). They’ll beat all your normals with abandon. Against them you could try to instead keep them out with fireballs and far range pokes (like max range, far etc). If they’re recklessly coming in, try doing a that barely whiffs, and cancel into ex pinwheel. If it whiffs, nothing comes out. If they walk into it, they eat the pinwheel.

As for getting in without jumps, it just comes down to fundamentals. This is a problem area for me. You just have to learn footsies and poking and spacing. Note that some of the problems you mentioned are really opportunities. If they jump over a fireball you’re following, that’s a free anti-air and a start for your offensive / new fireball stored. If Ryu is spamming fireballs against your fireball zoning, punish that with a dive kick. Or low fireballs under his, so he has to deal with your fireballs too (or eat them). I guess it just comes down to deciding to stay on the ground, and work from there. Focus absorb dash, just walking forward and blocking fireballs, working your way in. And remember that not all jumps are bad, just the ones they can anti-air.

This question really has nothing to do with Juri or even Street Fighter IV in particular. What it really comes down to is understanding footsies. As for these specific situations, I would suggest trying to play more patiently. Even if your opponent is making you block a lot, it’s impossible to sustain a rushdown without taking a risk, so your goal is to figure out what risks they’re taking and how you can punish them. Also try using your pokes to keep them out in the first place. (Juri is considered a zoning character, after all.) If you really get an urge to jump in when you know you shouldn’t, try a level 2 Focus Attack instead. Juri also has her Shikusen, which can be made safe on block if spaced correctly.