Newbie looking for other newbies to play



Hey guys I am new to fighting games, been playing for about two months now, so I know some of the basics, definitely still a lot to learn though. I am pretty scrubby but would like to find other players at about my level of play to play with online, so we can train/get better or just have some fun competitive matches, cause its not fun and I don’t learn much when I just get bodied by some FG vet. The two main fighting games I play right now are UMVC3 and my current favorite is Skullgirls, I have been having a lot of fun despite being terrible. I forgot to mention I play on Xbox360. send me PM if your interested and I will give you my GT so we can play sometime.

P.S. If anyone is willing to teach me a thing or two I would be more than happy to learn what you have to offer.