Newbie looking for stick art template help

First off just let me apologize in the event i am on the wrong section to post this. But I am a newbie when it comes to customizing sticks. I am looking to turn my TTT2 TE S+ into a green lantern stick. But I have no idea how to go about or where to look in order to get a custom template done. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you’re looking for the TE Full template from here.

That should work. I thought TTT2 joystick was a little farther than the original.

From the link given it’s the MadCatz Soulcalibur V template(s) you’ll want to use with the TTT2 TE (both sticks use Namco’s Noir layout).

As Graymalkin said… Use the regular SCV template if you plan on keeping the green bezel, which given the subject, would go well with it. Art even recently added the option to etch the TTT2 button layout on the plexi (the button arrangement is the only difference between the two - the “Noir” layout is the same).

Using the full template and plexi would require removing the bezel when installing. Personally, I like the translucent green bezel. I’ve got a TTT2 mod in my queue (working on my SCV now), and I also plan on keeping the existing bezel/sides integrated as part of the mod.