Newbie need extreme help


well i got the game on 08/12/03 and have no clue what to do, or what anything is for exp. a cancel. need with selecting good characters to learn with, combos, and good strategy beat beat my friends. plz help me.



learn team “i don’t have a memory card”

that would be…

strider - variety type
doom - anti air type
cable - anti air.

exp is for unlocking characters. the higher it is, the more the game will allow you to unlock.

i would suggest going to an arcade, getting friendly, and learning from a person.

i can give you some combos to start out with, but no guarantees you’ll be able to pick them up without seeing them…and i’ll teach you some basics…

lp = light punch
lk = light kick
hp = heavy punch
hk = heavy kick
sj = super jump
s= stand
wd = wave dash
dash = …
ad = air dash
directinos are:
u, u/f, f, d/f, d, d/b, b, u/b (pretty simple)
pp = two punches at the same time
kk = two kicks “”""""""
dj = double jump
tj = triple jump
trijump= triangular jumping (only for people with air dashing)
magic series = lp, lk, lp, lk
xx = cancel
qcf = quarter circle forward (hadoken)
qcb = quarter circle back (hurricane kick)
hcf = half circle forwards (back, to down, to forwards)
hcb= half circle back
dp = forwards, down, down/forwards (dragon punch)
bdp = backwards dragon punch motion… back, down, down/back
X= insert attack here

you dash by either double tapping forwards, or hitting pp. i suggest you learn it with pp, because that’s how you wave, and u can’t air dash with double tapping.

wave dash = cancelling dash out with down, to dash faster. the last frames of dashing takes really long, but the first are really fast. so, you do this… pp, d, pp, d, pp…
and you’ll go faster

tri jumping = sj, cancel really fast with air dash down fowards. it starts rushdowns, and helps evade certain attacks, like solo fireballs, and such. if you go into the media section here, u can download some match videos. storm and magneto users tri jump alot.

arite… some basic combos with that team i listed before…

use the movelist in the instructions if u don’t knwo what i’m talking about…

strider doom trap…
strider calls orbs hyper, teleports around and calls doom assist at the same time. there’s alot of depth to this, and alot of room for error, but it works well, and that’s basically the entire trap.

strider combos to get u started:…

  • dash, lp, lk, lp, lk, c.hp, sj, lp, lk, lp, lk, qcf+lp
  • jump in, hp, hk,
  • orbs, keep hitting lp until the timer runs out. when time is about to run out, hit, c.hp, sj, lp, lk, lp, lk, qcf+lp

c.hp, sj, lp, lk f+hk, xxhcb+pp
^^ since i suck with doom, that’s all i know

hp, hp, hp, hp, xx qcf+hp, xxqcf+pp, xxqcf+pp (do not land on the ground)

now with cable, u should learn how to abuse his grenades. you can hold it to charge, but even if your still holding it, as soon as it touches somehting, it will explode. it stuns your opponent, but it’s mashable.

another thing to learn is using ahvb x 3. it’s the easiest combo that will take out 100% of an opponents life. and has numerous setups. i’ll explain more of this.

lastly, is his guard break. j.hp. when you kill some1 off, do a j.hp with cable, right before the next person comes in. if they block it at the right time, you will see the wave that appears when they block, but they’ll still be off screen. from there, you can do a jumping hyper viper beam, and they can’t block it.

what this is is using 3 consecutive ahvb to make a single combo. now, superjumping, cancel ahvb is really hard. so there’s something called TKAHVB. the motion is like this…
d, d/f, f, u/f+pp

now, with this combo, it’s good chaining it up with the guardbreak. so if there’s some1 coming in, you can kill them off immediately and not worry about them even touching you.

go to to see a video of justin wong making a come back with cable. it’s a really good use of ahvb, and shows you how effective it can be.


EDIT: more…

s/d trap stuff…
learn to teleport on top of ur opponent. teleporting the punch buttons. it’s easier than jumping, and when u land, go right into crouch. you’ll break them open faster. if they push you, teleport
cross over with doom alot. cable and doom can both help u with rushdown.


hadoken king: props for always being the first person to reply to newbie questions… and for giving such patient and comprehensive answers.

Damn decent of you.


it’s my pleasure. i love this game enough, that when some1 wants to get into it, i don’t mind teaching them


Tru that. He also helped me . But i need more practice 'cause my PS2 is broken but you Alucard2004 keep practicing ok.:cool:






hahha good 'ol unlocking characters…that’s how i got good with strider/doom because it was the only good team you could start with…and i used it to unlock almost every character

Tornado Throw

I am a newb also and just picked this game up for dreamcast. Thanks for the tips they have helped me already. :slight_smile:


i’m glad i can help


Now, now, now, there’s always Cable, Doom, Cyclops



I seem to be having problems with this combo hp, hp, hp, hp, xx qcf+hp, xxqcf+pp

I cannot get the last cancel to do my super. Is this a problem on the dreamcast? Or am I just slow :smiley:


then don’t worry about viperbeam

just go…

hpx4, xxHVB

or, if u really really want that combo, which i actually suggest learning, since it may come in handy one day…

cancel the Vb out faster

like, only 1 or 2 hit from viper beam. then cancel to HVB fast.


what else is fun and easy with cable is that if you have appropriate team supers, you can do hp hp hp hp, and then hit both assist buttoms. this does the thc, and if you pick Iron man and another beam or such super, it does shitloads of damage. easy kill if you can actually get the hp’s in.


what do scrubs and druggies have in common?? they both LOVE THC’s!!!

ehh… hp x 4, thc isnt’ that great… the viperbeam could be put to better usage, and ur actually wasting super. u can do more damage with AHVB.

if you want to do hp’s, then do …
hp, hp, hp, hp, lpscimitar, xxahvb, land, tkahvb, tkahvb.

fun and easy don’t normally mix in this game. don’t u wanna learn new stuff? i kno i do.

well, here’s a little cable guide i included…


hp x 4, xx viperbeam, xxHVB
dash,, s.lp, sj, lp, lk, lp, hk, xxahvb

dash,,,, ahvb
hp x 4, lp scimitar, xxahvb
grenade (over them), d/f+hp, sj back, ahvb

advanced… somewhat…
grenade off screen, snapback, xxahvb
corner…timewarp, throw grenade on top of them(dont’ hit), (they hit grenade), tkvb, xxahvb

with assists…
storm variety…
dash,,,, command throw, ahvb


nice post, just to contribute to strider doom this might help,
AlucarD2004 when you master wavedashing(pp,d,pp,d) and you land the ouroboros super on the ground, wavedash the point to the corner and when the super ends c.hp,sj, magic series(lp,lk,lp,lk) to qcf+lp when you land qcf+hk xx to ouroboros super and continue trap and since they’re in corner doom can lock n chip em down more effectively

keep practicing and little by little you’ll get the hang of the game:D


Thats what i’m saying.:cool: