Newbie needing some help learning Skull Girls/Team Building

So I’m moderately newblie with fighters. I’ve played alot of Guilty Gear and a little bit of Soul Calibur 2-5 and Street Fighter 2 but I’ve never really dipped into a fighter that uses Teams before (Soul Caliber had them but I didn’t use them much and it wasn’t really the same type system anyway).

Playing Guilty Gear I played mostly zoning characters with some mixup characters thrown in. Venom was very much my main, and I played a fair amount of Milia. Playing Skull Girls I’ve obviously felt pretty comfy with Parasoul as a result. I miss my dash and double morbid but she feels similar otherwise even though the napalm is a bit different from the balls. I’d have thought I’d be pretty comfy on Filia, but she feels very different. No pin is part of it, but also just the way she opperates feels much more shoto. The other character that’s felt really natural to me for some reason is Squigly.

So I guess my question is, can I build a good team with Parasoul and Squigly and if so what character would round them out, and who do I want to put in what order. Right now it seems like both the characters I like would function well as a middle based on a guide I was reading but neither of them seems viable as a point or an anchor. Maybe I’m wrong though?

Thanks in advance!

Nodody here plays the game do they… :frowning:

You’ll find better results going directly to the SG sub-forum section and finding the information there.

Ah, ok. I had assumed it should be a newbie forum question since I’m a newb.

Peacock on point, then it’s Parasoul (H. Napalm Pillar)/Squiggly(H. dragon punch) in 2nd and 3rd (interchangeable).

Not Silver Chord? Seems much better for combos due to stagger and Napalm Pillar should cover anti air I’d think.

Not saying your wrong, I don’t know jack but I’m curious what the reasoning is.