Newbie needs help

Hi, I just recently got 3S and need help, on basically everything, Lol. But I was wondering if anyone could recomence a decent, easy to learn character to begin with before I goto Urien (The Tokido vs J.wong match makes me want to play as him. Lol.) And if someone can explain the whole “Kara throw” and “Kara dragon punch” thing please, and how it’s esactly done. Thank you in advance. :smiley:

start with Q.

intergalactic space pimp will show you the way.

No one is like Urien. If you want to be Urien, play as Urien from the get-go. Otherwise you’ll develop weird habits that don’t translate.

The only other possible I would recommend is perhaps Remy, so you can learn proper charge maintenance. That could help to get comfortable with partitioning, poking and moving while maintaining a charge, and masking charge opportunities.

Kara-throwing is when you cancel a normal move’s animation immediately into a throw, thus using the normal to push your character (usually) forward and extend your throw range. With Urien I believe you use toward+mp, although it’s not much help.

Kara-srk is essentially the same thing, except it’s much more difficult and instead of throwing you are doing a special.

D/L some videos, read AdverseSolutions’ and SlimX’s guides on Gamefaqs (some of the only decent guides for SF in the whole buggered place, unfortunately), and study study study.


well if you’re a complete noob to 3s, I think its best to start off with a character like Ken. Just to learn the system~ then move on to Urien once your more comfortable =]

Yeah, I was thinking of that, but personally, is Sean any good? I like his look, it’s stylish, and he’s pretty much a Shoto, or should I rather use Ken as my starting character? Since I actually just got this game about 2 days ago. Lol. CvS and MvC2 are my games and I felt like moving on since I’m beginning to grow a little bored with them.

Sean is the worst character in the game. It is no exaggeration.

Howsomever, if you’re going to play Shotos, he’s very good practice. He has Shoto normals without any of the special benefits. Like training with leg weights on.

If you start with top coughscrubcough tier, I fear you may develop bad habits. But knock yaself out.


just out of curiosity, what are these bad habits you speak of?

Shoryuken-crutch. :lol:

Essentially, yes. That’s why I pointed out Sean as a good way to learn to play Shotos. Playing Ken straight out of the box can train you to rely upon certain strengths that other characters don’t have, which will leave you drawing a blank when you go to move to another character. If your mind thinks “Oh no, I’m stuck. SRK time!” whenever you get pressured, when you try to pick up Urien later you’ll get ripped up. On the other hand, if you learn a character with fewer natural abilities first, then those advantages will only make you better. I almost never use Ken or Chun, but I’m very good with them when it does happen. But it’s mainly because I’m not in the same mindset that a Ken or Chun player would be, as I only use them once a month or so. Keeps the rut away.

N - Yes yes, the guide is coming. Previews this weekend, I promise.

:eek: Q. :eek:

It’s not what you know. It’s what you can prove. Scrub!


:slight_smile: I have a witness!

coming to Red Octane?

Christ on a crutch! Will the infamous Q 20+ Win Streak ever be forgotten?

It’s like the worst possible day they could’ve picked for it, because if I remember correctly it’s on my birthday. But sure, it’s not like I need a holiday to get drunk.


I think good starting characters are Oro, Dudley, Urien, and Necro

not as long as I keep bringing it up!! harhar :smiley:

good starting characters… chun, yang, ken, alex, ryu, akuma, maybe dudley

Kids in like, Oman, are reading this and it’s becoming part of their general SF knowledge. In a few years they’ll grow up and The Mighty Q Streak will become the next All Your Base. I hope you’re happy!


Why doesn’t anybody use Ibuki? :frowning:

Playing her makes the game fun but ultimately futile. Her weak damage and myriad of almost-always-punishable moves are a turn off to most people who care about the trophy above all else, which is most people.

Andrew Small plays her pretty mean, however. His matches are entertaining, to say the least.

Start of with dudley he is really fun to play. But don;t throw out random ex rush punch, combo it;)