Newbie needs suggestions / Sensei

Hello everyone, I am new to this board (eventho i read a few posts). I am also new SSFIV and don’t really know the characters. I tried most in trials (continuing to play trials…i bought the game 2 days ago) but I don’t really know them in higher level matches…their types…which one is defensive or agressive and so on. It would greatly be appreciated that some of you veteran players give suggestions on what character I should main (and why) because i’m a bit lost in the mass of available character.

To give a little info, I played pretty seriously Smash brawl (and melee but mostly brawl…) maining a pretty agressive falco. I thought about going agressive in SSFIV but if you say it’s easier for newbies to play defensive I really don’t mind (I also played a defensive lucario with lot of dodges, grabs and pokes). I don’T mind playing aerial or ground.
I play with an arcade stick (madcatz SFIV TE) if that helps
I want to play competitively (local tournaments for now)

Also if anyone feels like it, I would love to have a sensei, I can communicate via ventrilo, skype or else. If needed/useful i can probably get a headset for my ps3 (got one for pc)

Thanks a lot for your time and i can’T wait to hear your answers

(PS: if someone know where to find lists of characters by types it would also be great)

Let me ask you something…did other people advise/tell you to main Falco in Smash Bros?

I don’t believe anyone should tell you to play a certain character. You should make up your own mind based on the lineup. Pick a character, play through their trials, play against the CPU, then try some online matches…if you are struggling, try someone else.

Once you decide on a character…there is the SSF4 Character Discussion.

If you are looking for an online mentor…you can go post here: Playstation Network for online matchmaking.

You can also go to Regional Matchmaking .

You can find online and offline players closer to your area, even get news on local gatherings in your area that you can go to, play offline casuals, and meet up with other players in person.

Good luck…

You can add me to aim (name is “josefjakobus”) if you just want to ask me random questions; I can’t play with you though because I am in China and it will lag too much.

I wouldn’t use “whatever character you want” because I honestly feel that some characters are just going to be less fun given that they have a much weaker set of tools and some really terrible matchups. For instance a lot of new players gravitate toward Guy and Sakura who are generally very weak characters with a lack of tools. Within reason though you should use a character that appeals to you and not just whoever people tell you is good.

Ryu is the most balanced character (he can full on turtle, rush down, however you feel like playing him) and will also teach you most of the basics.

Balrog is potentially one of the easiest character to use (he’s also really good) and he can also rush down pretty hard, turtle, or most anywhere in between.

If you want a straight up rushdown character, Rufus, Viper, or Akuma are the best choices. Viper and Akuma are harder to use well than Rufus, basically until you have a very solid rushdown game you’re just going to lose. You can’t win competitively with those two unless you are able to rush down really hard while reading your opponent and getting in his head. Rufus can kind of autopilot a bit more and his mixup is more basic (basically he divekicks a lot and if you try to tech a throw you’ll eat a combo, if you keep blocking you’ll eventually get thrown).

Balrog IMO is one of the easiest characters ever to win with. However if you want pure rushdown, try Seth :stuck_out_tongue: Although I wouldn’t recommend it considering it you are still a new player. You’d just get raped online by scrubs because 1 srk takes like 50% of his health, it’s what put me off playing him. However if you want my opinion, Rog is an awesome character. You can pull of some real stylish combo’s and eat the opponent’s damage like nothing. M.Bison is also very good. However true aggression in my opinion consists of Akuma, Seth and Viper, with a bit of Rufus on the side :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your answers, that’s what I was looking for: a narrow down list as opposed to “chose for me 1 character that I’ll play forever”. I think I will go with Akuma, should I start practicing with him right away or should I go with Rufus/balrog for now and build up my basic skills (since they are easier)? I was thinking: only play trials til i can do them all, then practice til i can do the combos i find on the net.
I’m also keeping the names you gave me!

@Geese I picked Falco by myself but I had quite a bit of experience in meele with it and i’m more aware of the advanced smash scene than the street fighter one. It’s not that I’m lazy but I just got into SF and i think my job right now is to better understand mechanics and timing of the game. playing with different character will slow down that process because I would have to learn the new move sets as well (35 characters is a lot). I DO KNOW that I will have to learn every character in order to defend against them but for now it is not my priority.

PS: don’t worry if it’s not working I’ll change main

lol smash.

You don’t necessarily need a “mentor” this early on. There is a wealth of information all over the net via google and all over shoryuken to help you with the basics.

To start off I’d say try to find a character you want to stick with by watching lots of videos and trying them all out in training mode/trial mode. Make sure you know why you like that character not simply “i like sakura because she’s cute ^_^” or “i play makoto cause she’s not top tier :3”.

It’s all about play style. The character is just a tool, not an identity. Get this into your head as early as possible.

Once you figure out a character you want to learn their basic combos and from there what their baisc strategies and matchups are.

There are an ass ton of match ups and specific things to figure out in this game and I would really suggest sticking with 1 character (as most people would).

Thanks Skelter for confirming what I though. That is the reason why I needed someone to narrow down a list, it’s so i can concentrate on one character as soon as possible. I think Faz and systran understood quite well what I had in mind. I love fast paced games :smiley:

PS: Smash is a great game :Q. It’s just not like the usual 2d fighting game

I wrote this shitty tutorial once giving quick discriptions of the characters and what their main play style was but, all I really learned from doing that was that it really doesn’t matter.

You’re basically at square one because smash has taught you nothing about fighting games.

You’ve just got to check them out and see which ones you like the most, you’ll learn how to play them if you really like what the character does. Don’t worry about how hard they are to play.

Maybe even check out some of those 24/7 streams to help you see more characters being played so you can start getting an idea of what ones interest you. Otherwise just check out some tournaments on youtube and watch all of the finals to see various characters being played at tippy top level. It’ll give you the best examples of how the character is suppose to be played.

All of that being said be careful about thinking you can pick an “aggressive” character and just pressure people for free. Yes there are characters that have very good offense but they still have to work just as hard to achieve that as the people that have to block it. You have to understand defense in order to understand how to break it. The character doesn’t break defense for you just because of their design.

I’m not going for easy character, i want some that I’ll have fun playing with that that suits my style. and that after a game i can be like wow that game was great. AKA I’m not playing dhalsim doing cr.HP to win in half an hour match. the game looks pretty much about combos so i’m trying to learn that. now got FADC pretty consistently with SRK and hadou. havent completed the trials yet…working on that too…
Akuma looks pretty fun! I watched some tokido fights and it rocks

The reason Akuma is harder than Rufus isn’t because his combos are harder to execute reliably, but rather the actual rushdown you will need to do requires a lot of very specific spacing that if you fuck up at all you throw away a very huge advantage.

Akuma has what people call “the vortex”, which is basically just a ton of options he has after he knocks you down with an untechable knockdown. Many of these options will beat out multiple things, like some of them might mix up the player if he blocks and also catch a backdash, some might bait dragon punches while also crossing up. You have to really know which option is more likely to catch your opponent based on his playstyle, and more importantly for your beginner level, you have to be able to execute each option very very tight and accurately. Akuma has really low HP and wins rounds by getting a knockdown and just vortexing. Against a good player it may be quite difficult to get that initial knockdown and due to your very low HP and very low stun you can die in just one or two mistakes. If you get that knockdown and mess up your spacing and they escape for free, you could be throwing the round away that easily.

Rufus’ rushdown is much more simple but not as terrifying as Akuma’s. Most characters can backdash out of divekick pressure or reversal it; Rufus does have options to punish this, but they aren’t quite as strong as Akuma’s. On the other hand he has really high HP and two really useful ultras that do a billion damage. Rufus’ normals are weak compared to Akuma’s, so Akuma would help you learn footsies better (though Balrog’s normals are better than both Akuma and Rufus).

The only thing I’d caution you against with Akuma is that when I see a mediocre Akuma it’s just kind of like fighting a gimpy Ryu because their vortex never works. I always get out really easy and I can kill him in like two combos and stun him really fast. Whereas when I play against a mediocre Rufus or Balrog, I can definitely lose if I make a few mistakes. If you want to play Akuma you really need to master the vortex as well as being able to zone and footsie well enough to get those initial knockdowns against good players. If you play Rufus or Balrog the whole round isn’t going to so often hinge on how you handle a single knockdown opportunity.

that’s good info right there. and yeah i read a bit about vortex, there is also a serie of video explaining it, I practiced X-tatsu >sweeps a part of the day. I’ll give a better look at balrog and ruf (probly more balrog). I’ll have to read on footsie too.

sonic hurricane dot com Footsies Handbook

That footsies handbook is just great! wow there’S some damn nice work and research on that…with videos and all!

The bold part is where you are going wrong. Also dhalsim is a pretty hard character to use.

I’ve read today that he’s hard to use indeed (even people that hates him reconize he’s hard to play), but i still don’t like (at least for now) the way most players/best players play him. Most matches were pretty boring, and when they were not the part where it was cool is the part where the other guy suceeds in getting in close range or punishing crHP.

Also saw a fair amount of matches where people don’T combo so much…biggest combo they do in game is often like… 2-3 punches leading to EX/U/untech knockdown. Am I right on that?

Yeah some matches you don’t get any opportunity to combo. Generally a big combo only happens if someone makes a pretty large mistake, otherwise you might win by just punishing a lot of small mistakes with good footsies.

I used to main sim, he’s very very hard to use. What looks like spamming st. HP is actually taking a lot of thought and consideration. You press fierce if you think they are going to walk forward or shoot a fireball, but if they jump you lose a ton of ground which, for sim, is like losing health almost. You can only safely use fierce at max range, closer in you have to use a lot of other pokes depending on what you think they will do. His fireball is also highly punishable any closer than mid range. Once you start getting good at footsies you’ll probably appreciate watching a good sim play, it’s usually pretty fun to watch imo.