Newbie Oro.

I am a newbie. I picked up Oro about 3 days ago, and so far I think I’ve been making decent progress. I’m dashing in a lot more freely now which makes setting up grabs a lot easier. I’ve got the basics down on the chicken combo, but I’m struggling with ways to set not only that up but also the command grab. I only do it on wake up and the better players will either block it or parry, and then I’m in a world of shit.

Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated, and if you are an Xbox Live user, add me and we can get a few matches on the go. My Gamertag is the same as my name on here. Pedderrs.

Thanks guys.

don’t get frustrated and stick with oro. he’s a fun character but he plays very unorthodox and it can be kind of hard in a sense to get the hang of his play style. he doesn’t really have any hit confirms and a lot of his stuff isn’t safe. don’t always go for the loop or the mk xx c.grab after a knockdown. go for mostly single hits, high/low mix ups with normals and don’t worry about combos so much. there’s some frame trap kinda stuff you can go for like st.lp into or st.lp into st/ xx c. grab but you can also stand a bit away from them and go for kara grab, kara uoh, or st. hp overhead. meaty uoh can set up your combos but oro is just a risky style character. you have to get creative with him. back dash and then immediately forward dash and stuff like that. my favorite is instant air chicken stomp over head. if they reversal you’re almost always safe. if they throw they get hit, if they block low or wake up attack they get hit. if they block high you’re fucked.

as for starting his loop or mk xx c. grab, i use it mostly in punish situations. a good way to start his chicken loop on beginner players is dashing under their jump-ins and doing into loop and once they get smart to that just go for grab or xx c. grab if they try to parry. just get creative and keep practicing. one more thing is his sggk. i use this at times but it’s not guaranteed or anything. his sggk is: forward or down parry, mp kara throw, and buffer mk chicken stomp. you can use this on their wake up but the timing can be strict because if you’re just a little off then you won’t throw tech if they wake up throw. i also use it sometimes on the twins when i block a dive kick, especially yang and his retarded fast c.lp/lk. other than that i’d recommend you to watch players like dirty, thanatos, hungbee, and kuroda to see what they do in every situation.

That actually makes me feel pretty good, because other than setting up his specials (still haven’t gotten anywhere with that), that’s how I’ve been playing him. Trying to be tricksy and unpredictable, using the right pokes for the right length, trying for ambiguous crossups with, tossing out high sun disks at a distance in order to catch them jumping… And trying to use less EX Chicken. Now it’s mainly if I’m pretty sure they’re going to stand there tossing fireballs or doing low attacks to build meter, or to chip them.

yeah stick with that but in the meantime practice his chicken loop and unblockables, etc… so that when it’s time to use them you don’t have to think about it and muscle memory kicks in and does the rest for you. if you still don’t have them completely mastered then do stuff like two hits into ex tengu and juggle with you don’t want to do all this running around and poking and then when your big opportunity comes, you fuck up the chicken loop or unblockable and end up losing.

Hey dudes, I’ve been putting in some time with Oro as well and there are a few situations that I find trouble dealing with.

One…what do you do when people like to parry EVERYTHING? I’ve learned that in my wakeup game, if someone is parry happy they’ll try to parry low when they get up, so I go for mk xx command grab, and then next time I knock them down I will go for cr. mk xx command grab, and then the third time I knock them down I’ll just block because even above average players don’t want to get hit with that stuff three times in a row so they’ll usually try to bust out a “surprise” shoryuken. That’s besides the point though.

When I jump in on people and they always parry, what are my options here? I know I could try for fwd jump FP for a 2-hitter, but that’s not really a great jump-in especially on shorter characters. Should I just empty jump and throw?

Wake up game. Some of the less skilled players can be easily defeated by just mixing up command grabs when they wake up over and over. Only takes like 3 to stun and then it’s ggpo. However, how do you beat wake up throw? I’m assuming most of these people are option selecting throw/parry by tapping forward or down while they throw… that is how it works, right? So what should I do in this situation? Neutral jump usually just telegraphs a high attack and I get parried, throw tech breaks even, and high/low only goes so far.

Can they option select the throw/parry if I hit them meaty? Meh. I’m rambling now but these are the things I’m having a bit of an issue with.

Oh, just one more question. If I parry an attack and I’m too far for a cl. strong or mk xx cmd grab, what should I punish with? Standing roundhouse? Standing forward? Sweep?

For people that like to parry everything, sometimes you should just do command grab as its not parryable, or whiff some close lks while theyre down to confuse them and then throw them/whatever else. also, just do a vertical jump every now and then when you think theyll shoryu, if they do just parry and punish.

when jumping in, use oros double jump to help mess up parry attempts, you could empty jump throw, empty jump comand grab, or empty jump overhead, which will save you if they try to tech throw. also, you could empty jump, then jump again and do immediate air chicken as mentioned above. Finally, you could also whiff your jump in over them, like do a above their heads so that they will try to parry but it will whiff and you will be landing and having recovered from the animation will regain your trip guard and be able to throw or whatever else.

beating throw is simple, walk in and out of throw range, baiting the throw, and then when they whiff go in for the punish (you see this a lot in match vids where they just walk back and forth while opponent is knocked down). Also, after you’ve landed a few tick throws, you could start doing the tick and then backdash/walk away, wait for them to try to tech throw, then punish.

When you parry from far away, i like to do a kara command grab using far mk as the kara button. It has very good range, learn it. nice damage, stun, could get you out of the corner, could do tengu stone activation, etc.
hope i helped!

I Been using oro for about 5-6months I Loved the character from the start My advice to you Is Just play people that destory you add them as frineds play regulary so you can eventualy catch on faster then it normally would take you I learned pretty quick & I’m on a controller Can’t wait to get a stick… But Yeah, Training mode is your friend, I also reccomend whatching Oro videos on youtube check out the japanese players sucha as, Kuroda, Hunge bee (Dirty Music Hes not japanese but hes amazing) Fuji, Inoue, Thanatos, Jaro, & theres many more What I usually do is Whatch the shend & skip until I find an oro. As long as you don’t give up your oro youl see your self getting better.

Hello Oro forums. I Have a new video to discuss.

So this being a newbie thread and not the Oro Jwangggg high levels thread material, if you don’t mind can I join in with questions on 1 thing here. Newbie Oro vs a more experienced one. Doesn’t matter right, Oro da bess, double OrorO for your pleasure.


Game Timer

MP Fireball Hit
MP Fireball near immediate

Doing this on complete accident or from other charge partition experience with other characters, put my hands to charging all the time. I don’t recall what exactly happened to let me do this.

I will blah blah too long of my limited understanding of it too. Oro can’t have 2 of the same fireball out on the screen, have seen and heard that fact from combo video maker people, maj probably - within the last year or 2 when he made some more combos on video including Oro! It was a fancy, multiple fireballs, EX fireballs and more to keep him up there one vs 12 way up in the air, IIRC. Oro is Offscreen throwing these things from the camera following 12 being hit too.

But because I hit the 1st fireball, and overlapped charge correctly, I went from back to forward probably and MP again. It allowed another Fireball so soon?

There’s probably no real utility in how to use that. Back to back that angle, like I did, but just trying to understand it. I also need to understand how Dander does dash up close MP launch (both hits?) MP fireball and more after to continue to mixup juggles too. That looks very cool to do.

Oro can’t have two regular fireballs on the screen same time. As you said, the first fireball hits and you can then follow up with the second one right after. It’s nothing special as there’s only one fireball out there at once.
You can do some combos in the corner with two consecutive fireballs and you can also do a sort of corner lockdown with blocked fireballs from the right distance if you want to put that into practice.