Newbie question about light hits xx special combos


So as the title says I have a question about how these particular combos work. I don’t know if this will sound confusing or what, because it also confuses me slightly.

Anyway, so you normally do stuff like light punch or light kick and cancel into a special like hadouken right? And you can do lk > lk xx hadouken yes? However when I try to do two lk’s in quick succession and cancel into hadouken that doesn’t work even though the two lk’s still combo.

Do special cancels only work off of the first move or the first move after a link? Something like that?


sf4 uses the hilariously backward and arbitrary rule from sf2 that if you do a rapid-fire chain (eg. chaining a move that cancels into itself, etc.) you can no longer cancel that move into a special/super. so instead of chaining the c.lks, you would have to link them if you want to cancel the last one. alternatively, you can chain the normals and link the special move at the end if its fast enough for that (eg. an srk). basically the answer to your last question is yes.

if you dont know what links and chains are, the sticky should cover that.


Thanks for that reply and that makes sense, I suppose. Doesn’t really seem to be a great mechanic to have though lol. I do understand what links and chains are for the most part, just didn’t understand why that little combo wouldn’t work.


You don’t have to link all the lights. Basically:

(x = chain cancel aka normal to normal, xx = special cancel, , = link)
This works:

cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lp xx special
cr.lp x cr.lp, cr.lp xx special

This doesn’t:
cr.lp, cr.lp x cr.lp xx special
cr.lp x cr.lp x cr.lp xx special


in sf2, canceling into special moves was a bug originally. I think when it came to chains they managed to not have the bug pop up.