Newbie question about SSF4AE platforms

I was wondering if there was any consensus as to which platform of SF4AE is the best/most popular/etc.? I’ve played it on ps3 and pc and was blown away by how much better it is on pc (with a decent gaming rig) than my ps3 (which is extremely slow and crappier looking by comparrison). i was wondering how many people who “take it seriously” played the pc version vs. ps3 or xbox.

which platform do they use for actual tournaments? or is it constantly changing/on a per tournament basis?

Best online comp is xbox by far in the states. Xbox is less laggy online.

Most major tourneys/evo ps3.

Small tourneys vary.

Get a stick and get it dual modded so you can play on both.

gotcha, thanks a bunch for the info. i have 2 TE madcats arcade sticks for ps3 that fortunately work with my pc’s chipset, i might actually pick up an xbox to play it on there and i swear i read the newbie arcade stick FAQ thread but the links are all dead now, where could i get my TE stick dual modded and how much does that cost? I’d be highly interested in doing that. thanks.