Newbie question about TE stick

Hey guys, first post. Just bought SF4 for PC + XBOX 360 TE Fighstick.

Question is, should I leave the fightstick plugged in all the time? Does it matter if it is always on? I know on the XBOX there is only power going to the stick when you’re using it but my PC is on all the time.

What I’ve been doing is unplugging it after I use it, is this the best thing to do?

Am I being paranoid? I did just spend $200 to play SF4, just want to protect my investment. Thanks for any tips guys!

I guess if you want to be extra careful you can unplug after use. I once had a power surge in my apartment and lost half my PC components. The thing I would worry about at that point is the wear and tear on your USB port.

I left mine in for about 5 months. Never had an issue.

Think of it this way, your keyboard and mouse are also plugged in(maybe even USB) all the time and they’re fine right?

The TE should as well.