Newbie Question, Block Strings

Just need to know, does Abel’s have an blok strings of of his crossup and step-kick? I keep playing a friend that was a 10,000 BP Fei and STILL MASHES! Everytim I cross him up on wakeup or just cross him up he either mashes Flame Kick or throw, so if I leave any holes I get hit by one of the two and I have to work for another knock-down. I’ll even bait it sometimes with back-dash but it seems like flame kick hits it. I guess the basic question is, what to do after a crossup/step-kick that’s is impossible to mash through, or does Able even have them?

ask this question in the general discussion thread.

Instead of backdashing, just block and punish. Step kick and immediately roll. Cross him up after the knockdown with, then land and block.Think of creative ways to bait and punish. It’s about making him respect your options and being able to read him, so he’s scared to push buttons. Of course he’ll keep mashing if it’s working.

It seems like the flame kick will hit my back-dash, and jump, and any other option except roll or block, which is beat out by throw. So when I step-kick it’s almost like the mixup is in his favor. Fuck Fei Long.

try step kick without dash cancel!!!

I want to keep up the pressure with him though. If he throws then there’s no punish. I realize your not always going to win on the mix-up, but it’s really agitating. Also, off of Abel’s does he have any blockstrings that follow?

Delay crouch tech? :\

I guess what I’m asking is that does Abel have any block strings after a crossup or step kick. In general waht are his blcok strings. I’m tired of losing to nooby ass mashers.

Not to be rude but is it that hard to just test this in training mode?

Anyway if im not mistaken st.hp is a block string… you can cancel the st.hp into cod and fadc to make it safe since st.hp is not really safe on block.

And if the is deep enough, maybe even etc can be a block string… test them out. Shouldnt be hard.

it sounds like u want abel to be completely broken. its a 50/50. a lot of abels T. Throw after a jump in, so a flame kick is perfectly fine. abel has ways around it, its just a guessing game. like u said, roll or block beats flame kick. T. Throw or st. fierce will beat his throw. EX T. Throw will beat his mashed jabs etc… to train him not to mash, do some step kicks without the cancel. now if u then decide to cancel, he wont expect it to mash in time

I know where stated anything that would give you evidence that I want him to be broken. All I’ve asked is what are his block strings. If he doesn’t have any off a step-kick, then fine, Capcom didn’t want to do that. All I asked are block strings, nearly every character (to my knowledge) has them, so I’m assuming Abel has them.

By the way thank you guys for the advice. I’ve applied it and seen my Abel game improve slightly. Props to Splurgendii for showing me some good tricks, and whoopin’ my ass.

Look your question is basic frame data. Abel’s fastest normal attack is 4 frames startup (close fierce punch). Step kick with dash cancel gives you +4 frame advantage ON HIT. There’s no way for any of your attacks to block string off a step kick.

PS. This post is not meant insult you just to point out frame data would answer your question much faster and without annoying people with not even basic Abel question but the fighting games in general basic. So learn game basics first then ask character specific questions.

I know nearly all basics with Abel. I don’t even know why I asked about step-kick when I can easily look at frame data, I apologize. But when I read frame data on jump in attacks it doesn’t show hit-stun or block-stun.

well maybe u worded it wrong, but if u look at what i quoted u will answer your own question. you’re saying f**k fei cause he has an answer to everything abel does. so it seemed like u actually wanted abel to do whatever he wanted to fei for free, which would make him extremely broken. which is why i explained, theres an answer to everything abel does, but in turn you have an answer to counter what he does. so the attitude that he has nothing off step kick because capcom didnt want that is wrong. ive explained it, and going for something off step kick is at your own risk but the rewards are also great. i didnt mean to imply anything but from what i read, thats what it looked like so thats why i tried to explain the 50/50 situations. so if what u wanted to ask was about block strings and not about mix ups, then no, abel has no true block strings from a step kick

I put that because I just hate Fei Long. But I just want to know any block strings. You don’t have to argue agains the previous posts I made I just want to know any block strings, mainly ones you can do off of jump-in attacks.

I also realize that I should’ve just posted that in the generel discussion thread, and apologize for making a thread dedicated to block strings. But now that I’m (hopefully) close to resolving the issue I’m not going to waste people’s time when someone can just answer the question.

Hardest part about playing fighting games is accepting that you won’t be able to do what you want. In the case of the flailing Fei Long, you know that his two go-to options are DP and throw.

-Develop strings where you are spaced outside of throw range but close enough to block and punish dps. Ie:, c.lp, block

-strings that you like to end in step kick to continue pressure, do not do the step kick to bait the DP.

-Is he mashing throw after jump ins? Make him block a jump in and immediately TT him.

There are many more options and variants there of. Fighters are just like any puzzle game in the aspect that the solution you might want or think is the right method might not necessarily be correct.

Change your mindset from what you want to do to a match up approach and general strategy that you apply. Ie: spacing so that rekkas will whiff while allowing enough time to react to cw. Focus more on limiting his options rather than forcing your own :slight_smile:

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Thank you. The thought never ran across that I should space myself outside of throw range to limit the two options that screw me up to one. He’s started to mash flame kick less often, but still mashes throw. I think I respect him too much and keep thinking “surely he’ll block, backdash, or something” and he ends up throwing my dumbass. I’m just too scared if it whiffs I’ll eat a huge ass punish. But, if it lands I can power up the vortex, which normally it would land.