Newbie question on building teams

When building a team, should you focus on making all 3 characters work well together, or is building a team around one character fine too?

For example, I really love Taskmaster, but I’m having a little trouble finding a team that works well together with him, so I started considering making a new team. Should I just try more to find characters that work with him, or is it really important to focus on the bigger picture?

you should make a team that all compliment each other.

I appreciate your answer, but could you explain to me why? like, why shouldn’t I build a team with one character definitely I want?

It’s fine making a team that exists to shore up the weaknesses for one character, but you’ll need a backup plan for when Taskmaster gets KO’ed, snapbacked or tags out during an aerial exchange combo.

I understand that. I’m not sure how to describe it, but I don’t mean build the entire team upon supporting one character, but I mean that I have one character I definitely want to use and I don’t know who else to use really. If I do decide to keep task, how would I go about finding two other characters that work well with him in their team?

I build teams by finding a weakness or deficiency in my point character’s game, or finding an aspect of the game that can be strengthened, and using a good assist to complement them. Then I look at my point character and see how which of their assists can best help my other two team members.

by playing the game and seeing who meshes well w/ him.

The way I pick characters, is that I like to pick a style, then think of what could compliment that style. Like Wolverine/Chun-Li/Ironman. Both Chun and Wolverine are really good at rushdown, and with Chun’s legs assist and Ironman’s beam assist pretty much negates any kind of push blocking. You aren’t really going to get me out of your face unless you straight up kill my characters, and I have characters that are still viable on the defense if need be.

Not everyone can think for themselves, develop their own strategies, and sit down in training mode to figure shit out, me being one of them; it’s ok though. I’m looking into doing Hsien-ko/Sentinel/(extreme pressure based character). I’ll begin each round giving Hsien-ko hyper armor and tagging her out with the pressure character like wolvy, x23, amaterasu, etc., and use the swing assist towards the end of pressure strings to reset the pressure strings. IT’S SO GODLIKE OMFG.