Newbie Question.

Hey guys, (New to the forum btw), I just ordered myself a hrap 3 for street fighter 4. Now, I’m a total newb when it comes to modding sticks. I was thinking about getting some Sanwa buttons for it and was just wondering if it’s hard to replace the buttons? What size do I need for the hrap 3… and what else do I need to be able to swap out the buttons? Thanks.

30mm for the main 8 buttons, 24mm for the 2 little ones. It’s easy. They are quick disconnect buttons. You can buy them from, but as far as I know his stock was wiped almost dry. There’s a couple other sites out there though.

You’ll need some basic tools. Someone else can probably tell you exactly what you need. There’s a thread around here that shows pictures of exactly what you need and how to do it. Dont remember what it was called though.

So it is an easy procedure then?

Yes. You don’t need a BA in engineering to mod these sticks. Just need the right tools. As long as you have them you can get it done. As far as the tools, I dont know exactly.

What stuff do I need to be able to mod the joystick?

Sanwa parts. ( //


Fingers (maybe). :wgrin:

Which version of the HRAP3 do you have, the SA or the regular? If you have the regular you need a phillips head screw driver and a 7mm socket to take out the top panel. If you have an SA than you just need an allen wrench to take out the top panel.

ya but what parts do I need for the hrap 3 ? lol sorry… I must sound so newb right now =[
This is the stick I ordered.

Philips to remove the plate on the bottom. 7mm socket for the nuts inside. I think that’s it. Helps to have a flat head to remove the quick disconnects, since they can be on there pretty good. Dont want to pull on them too hard.

K so i ordered some parts from 8 OBSF-30, 2 OBSF-24 , GT-Y and LB-30N … Everything is compatible right? And this should be easy to mod.

The HRAP 3 already has a Sanwa JLF which is the same stick that all the street fighter 4 cabinets use. The buttons on the HRAP 3 are random chinese made buttons that are horrible, you will want to replace that with Sanwa OBSN-30 buttons. You will need 8 of them if you plan on using all 8 buttons. The top 2 buttons are 24mm sized buttons so you’ll need the OBSN-24 buttons, but I wouldn’t reccommend spending the money to change the start and select buttons.

  1. Open the case up with the appropriate scredriver and allen head wrench
  2. On the button of the buttons there will be this thing attached to the prongs: —pull all of those off the old buttons
  3. Pull the old buttons out
  4. Push the new buttons in
  5. Put the quick disconnects on the new buttons
  6. Test
  7. Close it back up

Thats it.

OBSN ?? did I just order the wrong parts?

No, OBSF… sorry about that. OBSN is screw in and OBSF is snap ins. You need the snap ins.

okay good lol you scared me for a moment… So everything I ordered is compatible correct?