Newbie questions about buttons and combos SSF4AE


Hello all i am relatively new to the fighting game scene, i have played for a couple of months mostly by myself arcade mode for super street fighter AE but recently i have tried the multiplayer on it, Well lets just say i have been getting my butt handed to me. I started watching the replays for my matches to see my mistakes, and what i noticed when i looked at the replays with the input showing is that my opponent are pressing two buttons at the same time, say light punch and medium punch when they are doing combos, now i originally thought that when you pressed two punch buttons or two kick buttons you get an ex version of a move, can anyone explain how and why they are doing that? thank you


Does it look like this?


If so, it’s a technique called “plinking” or “priority linking”, and is used to get two chances at hitting a button at the correct time instead of one - SF4’s combos often need you to hit a button within a very small window of time to get the next move to come out so plinking helps with consistency.

If you’re just starting with the genre, these two videos from the beginning of the info packet in my sig should be most helpful:

For learning more about plinking and how the SF4 engine works overall, check out VesperArcade’s SF4 tutorial from the info packet, it’s easily the most comprehensive one on the Internet.


YESS! it does look like that, thank you so much Komatic!