Newbie questions!

I watched SSF4 at EVO this weekend and it looked so much fun. I had SSF4 for my 360 before I got rid of my xbox 360 so when I was linked the stream I could recognize the stuff from SSF4AE and I got really into watching it. It was amazing.

I come from playing serious CS 1.6 in Sweden, I still play but I would love trying to play a fighter seriously to see what it’s like. So basically, if I get this game, I want to be SERIOUS. I want to practice all the important stuff and focus on the right things to learn and get better at the fastest rate possible.

Thing is, I don’t have either a PS3 or 360 anymore, so I was thinking of getting it first for my PC. What’s SSF4 on the PC like? Online games, are they ok? What are the pros and cons of getting it for the PC? Is it REALLY important to get a PS3 or 360?

Also, I’d be getting a stick but not instantly since they’re pretty expensive. I want to see how much I like the game and how much practice I’d be able to put into it. Would starting off with a pad/keyboard okay, to learn the basic stuff and improve just a little bit, before getting serious and getting a stick? Are there any sticks compatible with PCs?

Thanks alot in advance. Your community seems awesome and the people seem to be so nice!

SSF4AE on PC netcode online is better than xbox live and ps3 according to many to players. I dont know how many people are on there, but im sure there are plenty of competitions for you. Any stick is compatible with teh PC, just gotta download the driver. I really dont recommend playing on a keyboard, you have limited movement and control… kinda of. I would just invest in a cheap 30 dollar Hori EX2 stick first. and go from there