Newbie questions...

Well, since Evo World is happening in my city, I think I might go.
I tried looking in this forum and on the evo site, but I couldn’t find something about an age requirement.

So is there an age limit?
Sorry if this has been answered before…:sweat:

Also, if I do plan to go, what should I bring?

I’m definitely taking my stick and a convertor.
Anyone planning to take a DS?
Oh, it’s free for the BYOC right?
So should I bring any money?’

If I do have to register for the BYOC, I’d like a quick response please.
Otherwise I’ll have to spend an extra 10 dollars…

Oh, and sorry again if this has been answered before.

byoc is free (why $10?). i haven’t seen anyone checking IDs to figure out your age, or whatever, so, no age limit. doesn’t really make sense if there were one anyway, i guess.

if you’re not registering for any games, then you don’t need to bring money in addition to what you’d bring for regular stuff. like food.

just bring your stick and convertor. i don’t know about the DS.

Well, I saw that if you register in July, it’s $20.
But I guess that was for the tournaments.

Well, I don’t want to bring my ds unless someone else plans to…