Newbie requesting some basic info

Hey, guys, I’m interested in learning how to play MVC2. I’m a friend of Mixup’s for those of you who know him. I was wondering if you could help out by posting some useful thread/website links or general advice on the following topics:

Where to find a good stick to learn with
Info on repairing/building joysticks
Info on repairing Dreamcast systems
Where to find parts for joysticks and Dreamcast systems
Where to find a decent copy of the game
Anything else you deem necessary to tell me about getting started

That pretty much covers it. Peace.

If you are friends with Mike do you live in Pensacola? A few of us here can help you out with all that stuff. Just check the Pensacola, FL in Atlantic South.



yeah… except for the other 6 questions he asked.

for all stick questions

for the dreamcast, depends on what it is, if it resets or the controller ports stop working, youll find a thread her eon how to fix it. if not, someone might be able to help if you make a thread.

copy of marvel
download=free, ebay=pay