Newbie requesting some help

Hi everyone, my friend has this game and a few of my friends has been playing this game as well. I, on the other hand, has never played the previous game, and I am currently just starting to get into the game. The only problem is:

  1. I have no experience in smash brothers what-so-ever.
  2. I dont have the game, and can only play/practice when I go to my friends house.

Since some of my friends plays competitively on this game, where they actually enter tournaments, I was wondering if I can get some help on what character to chose from.

Lately I have been trying to practice/learn Meta Knight since I dunno… the way he just flies around appeals to me. But my friend has been complaining and telling me to choose other characters. Is having only 1 or 2 characters frowned upon in this game? I dont have the game, so I can only focus on 1 character. I like to learn first the basics which is what I have been doing, trying to learn what beats what, and so on.

Since I do not have the game, I was wondering if you can recommend any characters that I can play around with. Heres some criteria that, i suppose, may help on figuring out what I may enjoy playing as…

  1. I do not really like playing “god” tier characters.
  2. I like characters that seems “wierd/unsual” to play against.
  3. I like characters that has a decent up close fighting as well as a decent keep away game. He/She/It does not have to excel in any of the said styles.
    Something along the lines of… “lets throw something at him and then rush him”. Basically a character that has projectiles but can put up a fight up close if needed.

Other games I have played and characters I liked were:
MvC2 - Blackheart
Guilty Gear - Zappa
3rd Strike - Remy/Twelve
Other Street Fighter games - Charlie/Guile

I apologize if this may be a bit of a request, but I know nothing of the game. I would also like to specialize in only 1-2 characters if possible since I do not have the game at all. Thank you for reading, and many thanks to those that responds.

Choose whatever character you like. If you want to find out more about each character, each one already has a thread devoted to him/her/it/them.