Newbie Stick Builder?

I’ve been looking around the site for a good Hour now…Trying to decide if to even post this question. I’ve played a good bit of fighting games that I would Like to compete in Those being, GGXX any part of the series Reload, AC, or Slash. CVS2, Tekken 5 and Possible SC if theirs even any Competition in it. this is my 4 th time that I’ve had the urge to buy me a stick or even try to build one for myself. I have some friend around my place that say they can build me one for cheap but the night I ask them they never reply back to me about it.

So My first question is, Becoming into the Fighting Game Competition should i buy a Stick Like a Hori which I’ve heard are good like the Tekken Stick that came out with 5, or should I build one of my own buy taking apart a controller of mine or even buy a Stick I see on a Website which seems nice but kinda expensive for my pocket right now, .

My Second question is what type of games are most people looking for nowadays I Have a GGXX Carnival which I recently been able to get ahold of at a Gamestop. And now I hear of Slash which never made it to America and Accent Core came out on JPN Consoles. I like 2d fighting games but some friends of mine play 3d being Soul Calibur and Tekken (Bloody Roar I don’t know how that fairs in the Fighting Game Market).

If anyone can help me please do!

Get a SFAC joystick and replace the parts with Happ competition parts. Easy and relatively cheap.

  1. If you know what you are doing with the wiring and woodwork, go for building your own stick, although its only considered as “inexpensive” if you have the tools and some of the building materials laying around. I can’t say much about the Hori and the other manufactured sticks on the market because I never used them before.

  2. Its really personal preference. I know some people who play Guilty Gear, others who play Tekken, and others who play Soul Calibur, for different reasons. It comes down to who plays what in what numbers if you want to get human competition. Tekken and Soul Calibur in my opinion can be played nicely with a pad if you hold it in a certain way.

Koi: SFAC about how much individual? I see a bunch of Tekken Hori but no SFAC… And Happ parts?

Facist: 1) I can learn the wiring, but the Box building isn’t something I can see myself doing, I’ve been looking around at the arcade sticks that people have on this forums and look great but I don’t think i can pull of anything like they can.

       2) I know some people who play Tekken and GG but I not sure I'm relatively good aenough to even play them I got pwn'd last time I went to they houses xD and a local GGXX tournament we had >.<

1)Happ is an American company. If you google it their site should be the first one that come up.

For your box, it doesnt have to look professional, it just has to work. Here’s a look at mine:

2)As you can see its just a plain box that was screwed together on the inside. Basically, as long as you have a router and a table saw you should be able to make a box that will work. And really all you need is a table saw, but you can use a router and a straight edge along the edge of the wood you buy to make sure you have a straight edge on the wood to work with since its not always straight when you buy it.

If you dont have the power tools already then it will be cheaper to buy a stick rather than make your own.

  1. Dont worry about losing when you first start. It takes time to get used to a game’s controls as well as its technical side. Of coruse the more background you have in competative 2D/3D fighters, the easier it will be to pick up one of the same type. But in general you have to give it time. And also playing people who are better than you can do you some good since you will be able to see how you should be playing right off the bat rather than having to go through a lot of trail and error.

Also if its your first time using stick its going to take some getting used to. I just started on stick myself on wednesday. I just practice movement and combos a little everyday and slowly I am picking it up.

So not only are you going to lose a lot when you first pick up a game competatively but you will also lose, or just not do as good, when you first pick up a stick. Just keep at it and things will get better.