[Newbie] Storm Thread - Q & A



ive never tried playing with her…i know she is top tier but why?
isnt she similar to magneto but just not as good?


storm is the best charachter in the game because of her monuverability (i know i spelled that wrong). whether she is in the air or on the ground she can out move everyone. even though mags is faster, he cant control space like her. sent can sontrol space really well too. and cable controls space well too but cable dedicates himself to hitting in one direction all the time. you could go into a thousand page article about the flaws and plus’s for all the top tier charachters but im not going to.

all in all, imo storm is the best because of priority, space control and monuverability. plus random lightning attacks and runaway beats everyone.


why is storm good?

I like to ask similar question. Except i already did try playing with storm.


why is storm good?

no she’s not similar to mags…


mags -
incredible speed
best rushdown in game
most infinties
best use of resets
second fastest wave dash (wolverine/bonerine, i think is faster)
good meter building (sj, hp…, adub, hp…)
priority (j.hp, s.hp…)

crap chip damage
no keepaway strategy (plays good runaway, with assist… no keepaway moves though)
mashable hypergrav (no easy 100% combo like ahvb x 3)
does’t deal good chip damage
fly sucks

incredible speed
doesn’t need infinties to win
good infinite rushdown
LAxxLS… so much damage
great priority with launchers
decent resets
great keepaway strategy
great chip damage
decent solo trap ability (typhoon, hailstorm)
( she can play rush, keepaway, chip, or trap)
she can build a meter in a single super jump
fall control

hailstorm doesn’t do great chip
gets really complex at times (she’s hard to learn)
fly sucks

all in all, storm is almost a perfect character. mags has too many flaws to be similar.

there’s more that separate these two… but check it…

my reason why storm is a goddess…

  • chip
  • rushdown
  • keepaway
  • great speed
  • damaging combos
  • doesn’t NEED an assist
  • meter building

i do think sent is better, but that’s a different topic.


Re: why is storm good?

I always thought hailstorm did decent chip… with or w/out the mash
also, shes like the only damn character in the game w/ two fullscreen supers… and hs has instant recovery.


Hailstorm chip is pretty random. I’ve done hailstorm sometimes and have it do NO CHIP AT ALL (and quite often at times when I need it) and some other times it just does horrendous amounts. I think you have to mash and use the joystick to direct the hail to a certain part of the screen to get more damage/chip.

Exception is Blackheart who seems to take a lot of chip from hail no matter what. Fucking BH.


sent/mags do too. they take it, cuz sent is big, and mags sucks with chip damage.


mag sucks with chip damage?

do explain…


when he gets hit wit chip, i noticed he takes more than most other characters, but his defense isn’t low, like strider or akuma.


Storm, that diry slut:mad:

If you dont know that storm is good, that’s because everybody you play is a most likely a scrub. But anyways storm is a fucking beast. Too much priority first of all, even more than mag. Which i think is ridiculous. She can run away better than any other character, she can also rush down well, if not better than other characters(debateable).

Her super covers THE WHOLE FUCKING SCREEN. Need i say more?

i’m not even going to respond to that coment about mag taking more chip and storm not being able to chip.


i didn’t say she can’t chip… she plays awesome chip. hailstorm doen’st chip well though. and mags does take more chip. not by much, but he does.


IMO i think mags is better as rushdown…well he certainly has more options then storm…storm can stay at 2nd best for rushdown

and as for best runaway i think dhalsim should take that award :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so storm can be 2nd best at runaway.

damn…remember when we were kids and were saying 1st the worst, 2nd the best?



sim is a great runaway… he has a “runaway infinite” teleport airdash all day. throw a few fires and flames up in there, and u have a nuisance to fight. but storm has the floating thing, and airdash, LA, typhoons, and lightening balls. she’s too awesome at keepaway/runaway


actually shit varies with sent 2…i seen sents with bout 1-2 pixels of life live through a blocked hail…marvel is just too fuckin random…end of story




newbie help

hey , i’ve never really played storm myself but i’ve watched some vidz and i know she’s a top tier char

can anyone go through the basic combos of storm with me and also explain what’s the best strat to play her

i don’t really know the runaway startegy and stuff so it’d be rgeat if someone could explain that stuff to me



the only combo you’ll need to know with storm is:

launch, magic xx LA (x2) xx LS

after the LS there are PLENTY of supers that will connect well after it because they are high, and while storm is turning around (and they are falling) it’s still the super screen so you can wait for them to fall a bit before the DHC.

runaway is basically superjumping, holding up so you float, and repeatedly doing HPs to build lots of meter, LAx3 up and HP all the way down. lots of characters will have trouble getting you down. but if they have someone like BH of capcomm watch out. you can throw in some random vertical typhoons, but don’t get predictable with those because it takes her a long time to get one out.

otherwise, learn to RTSD, or you can play her the more newbie friendly way (and also IMO more boring way) is runaway build meter, ground typhoon xx hail for chip, repeat until outta meter…runaway some more

hope that helps a bit


newbie help

just to add to ironthread’s typhoonxxhail, dont’ cancel too fast. i was teaching a few kids storm a while ago, and they had probs doing that, because they did it too fast. it’s not hgxxtemp, it’s typhoonxxhail. relax. runaway storm is one of the easiest ways to win in this game. but do watch out for blackheart. u will get owned if u dont be careful there.

also, utilize her rushdown capabilities. tri jump alot, and just know her rushdown is also an infinite. that’s how good her rush is. c.lk, c.lk, is a good move too, IMO, since u can cancel that into LS, or typhoonxxhail, and make a decent combo out of it. it’s not very likely that some1 will roll that.


tri jump

whats the best tri jump for storm? magnus’s lk doesnt work well with storm since it hardly links efficiently to her launcher. also, storms hp trijump is kinda awkward for me because my airdash slide method doesnt work for it. thanks.


tri jump

one of storm’s best rushdown is her REGULAR JUMP air dash df lk rush. fastest in the game. just remember when u do it not to superjump cuz u’ll have problems linking into her launcher…u can sj but regular jumping is way more effective…u should learn to use the sj hp airdash d/b hp cuz u build meter without actually running away…