Newbie tips for Rekkas?


One technique that I’ve been trying to learn on my own is how to do Rekka techniques, Poison’s qcb+p specifically. My problem is that I know the principle of how to do them, but I can figure out how to actually make it work. Any good tips or tutorials for figuring out the technique and timing for rekkas?


use negative edge to make it easier
do quarter circle motion+hold down punch (don’t let go), do quarter circle motion+let go of button, do quarter circle motion+punch


You can use negative edge if it helps, but I just hit the button each time.

As usual for whenever you’re trying to learn to do something, go to training mode and turn on input display. If you can see that your inputs are fine, if the second/third rekka doesn’t come out, you inputted it too slow. Try speeding it up.

The most important thing is rhythm. Once you find the correct 1-2-3 rhythm, it gets pretty second nature.




You practice. There’s no magic to this, you just need to hit up training mode and learn for yourself the proper timing.

It also helps to learn how to double tap, if you want an extra bit of consistency layered ON TOP of knowing the right timing for it. It’s not necessary, since the timing is pretty lenient as it is, but might help some to land it better.