Newbie to pretty much street fighter & the fightstick game

Hi guys! hope all is well & everyone’s enjoying the new SF :slight_smile:

So basically I just wanted to ask a few questions, I have had SFV come today but refusing to even play it until my SFV Ryu TE2+ fightstick comes towards the weekend so I don’t have that temptation to revert back to pad.

Now, I have dabbed in & out of the street fighter games previously but found them ridiculously slow and complicated compared to my favourite fighter being Tekken, But I had some spare money & my birthday coming up soon so decided to invest with no thought, in the TE2 stick after my friend stated SF is much more enjoyable on stick.

Now as i’m sure you can tell from that previous statement I am / was? first and foremost a pad player, I used to own a Tekken 6 Hori fightstick but just to how cheap it felt and sounded i gave up, what tips would you have to basically a noob to both street fighter & the fightstick format going forward?

I am also planning to play SF 4 ultra along with SFV, Tekken 6, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Blazblue & MK X (i have played all besides SFV on pad) … now being a rookie would it be best to stick to one game at first to grasp the basics of stick play? or would various games be advisable while learning how to handle the stick?

I do appreciate I am asking a lot in my 1st post but any hints & tips would be very much appreciated! :slight_smile: On a side note too, what the heck is a frame?

P.S If anyone wants to add me on PSN please feel free! my ID is R1ckmister


That’s strange, to me the fighting games such as Tekken and DOA were always slower and Street Fighter appealed more because I thought it was faster!

Anyhow, I’d say personally it wouldn’t matter what game you’re playing to get used to the stick as they all have relatively the same motions that you need to perform so your execution should grow with any game. Especially with BlazBlue and MKX as they have the same motions as SF (I don’t know about Tekken as I don’t play).

I’ll link a thread here for the frame data, it’s not too hard to understand :slight_smile:

Also what country are you in bud? If you’re in the EU I’ll add you on PSN.

Welcome to SRK. Please have a look at the sticky threads. You’ll find many of your questions are already answered.

How to practice (with a stick/pad/anything): SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Execution Guide (read me!)

Cliff’s notes: use the stick a lot, preferably in training mode with input display on.

What are frames?: Basic frame data guide for newbies

Cliff’s notes: the smallest unit of time in fighting games.

Yeah maybe it’s just down to personal preference but SF used to fustrate the hell out of me due to a lack of juggling mechanic, which to be fair I’ve come to grips with more nowadays & it just looks slower to me.

Thanks for the tips too guys! I will check the other posts & I do apologize for asking already answered questions.

Yeah I’m from the UK, so add away my friend!

depending on skill level
both games can seem slow or fast

SF ground combos is basically comparable to tekken juggles

experience with tekken is actually good since there are no projectiles, you are more focused on spacing

the transition shouldn’t be too difficult
I went from tekken to usf4 and it didn’t take me long to adjust