Newbie vs the half human zone

The match finally happened, newbie came out victorious this is a small preview of the up coming DVD " Road of a warrior" will feature interviews with newbie and even the training leading up to the big day.


The victory song:

Damn it, I missed it. Was there zoning and/or space control?

Hah, looks cool.

…Would somebody please explain what this was for dudes like me who don’t have a clue?

They played for bankrolls it was for like 2k, right now in vegas newbie is the best 3s player without a doubt. HHZ is on the up and u and flung some dirt his way so newbie being a gentlemen accepted the challenge and came out victorious in 3s. ft 7

Who did you bet on? :looney:

I can’t say I was torn, HHZ is a close friend but newbie is a savage.

I came up 10K, but thats easy money out here in Vegas. I bet on mr. newbie after I heard he watched the Kuroda DVDs like 50 times and finally mastered tetra-parries.

Quick update, DVD is half way done I think I’ma let it go for 59.99 USD. I might include the extras of when newbie went to japan, we got 2 matches vs Boss and I think one vs kuroda.

Newbie gave me a new reason to live, you guys need this DVD asap. 60 bones is a steal to watch that much Newbie footage.

lol rooin.

lol <3 ;0

commentary by some of the funniest and most attractive men in vegas.

lmfao! HHZ asked me to bet on him if it is hard to tell, and I wanted to believe him. I was thinking carefully about it, but I can’t bet on them because I played them at 3s before. That is why it is hard to tell, but I realized suddenly when I came over Sex’s house, and watched them playing it between them. In 20 minutes later, the result is, it proved that the true player was Mr. Newbie. It is fucking awesome and crazy vid. Congraluations, Newbie! He is the history!!!