Newbie want some help for a Arcade Stick


Hello everyone! Im new at this glorius group to have fun, help (If I can) and share some content.
Im 16 and Mexican, so I wanted some help because I dont have a Arcade Stick and I want some recommendations.

To Start I want it to be a PSX/PS2 Stick, because thats one of the main consoles I use (a PS2) and having converters will make it a little more ‘‘universal’’.
Im searching for cheap options but at the same time, modificable ones, my better choices (For now) are the Acteck Souji-1000 (Very unexpensive in my opinion here on Mexico), the Mayflash (This is a little more expensive for whatever reason, the Souji is 350 ~ 400 MX aprox. and the Mayflash is 1100 at minimun) or maybe just buy cheap controllers and sold them by myself (I explain this a little later)
One of the options that attract me is a stick called ‘‘RoydsStick.EX’’ is like the ‘‘expensive’’ version of the Souji but only for PSX/PS2 (not a problem considering the adapters) dont know how hard/expensive is but I dont think is that much.

As the cheap controllers, my father (I dont live with him now) promised me to give me a Arcade stick for PS1 (obviously it will work on the PS2) but the time it gave it to me it resulted to be a SNES Arcade stick…that dissapointed me a lot but at least I can use the bases to make a SNES arcade (with again adapters) could also work on GameCube/Wii, the case is costume for the SNES so I can moddify it, not to much but at least I can change the controllers.

I dont want this option because I am so freaking newbie at soldering, and I dont know about the connections of a PS controller, I heard that they require one cable for connection and another for ground for each button, making the waste of absordly lot of cable.

So…any recommendation guys? I really want my first Arcade, then I can go a little more profesional with Sanwa/Seimitsu parts but I at least want something to start, and the PS2 doesnt have many options.

Thank you for reading and helping me, Hopefully my Awful English was not a problem!


First Recommendation
Head over to and read as much of that web site as possible

Find one of the many How to solder videos, watch and study that.
Then take what you learn on scrap pieces or pref board.

The converters solution is not the most elegant way to get universal support.
Some converters are terrible with lag, drop inputs, and poor reliability in general so make sure you do your homework.

Get to know the forums and familiarize your self with the Intro Thread and and the Absolute Question and Answer Thread, they are both stickied.
The Intro Thread has a page with nothing but links to various guides, FAQs and work logs. The Absolute Question and Answer Thread is frequent by alot of experts who be more than happy to answer any questions.

If you can invest in a multimeter, its a very worth wild tool in stick building and general electrical troubleshooting.


The Namco PS1 arcade stick might suit you the best. The parts inside them are great that you don’t need to mod anything. They’re currently going for ~$50, but I’ve gotten them on ebay for less than $40.

Here’s an example…

Just keep an eye, and you’ll be able to see one for much less than that.
GL on your 1st real arcade stick, buddy!


Thanks guys!
Yeah I was thinking on getting a Hori PS2 or the Namco PS1, they are not a bad price (like 1000 MX) which is a average price for a Arcade Stick over here, and they have nice pieces.