Newbie: Which if any of these have potential and what type are they useful in?

Okay I’m first getting into this game because I want to be able to beat Jebailey at something - I don’t like top tiers in any game so am wondering if any of these characters have potential to form a good enough team to play in tournaments. I don’t want to win or anything I just want to not look like a complete newbie.

War Machine
Captain America

don’t use iceman cuz a lot of people don’t like the ‘no-chip bastard’…

war machine is probably too much like ironman so he could be consider top tier but not really.

i think u should drop those 2 from your potential list.

rouge has been used in real fights… VDO use her. dhalsim is awesome with his pretty fast fly, his, and his drill. war machine is owned by ironman. war machine can’t do the basic, s.lp, s.lp, launcher. gambit can hold a AHVB down, if cable blocks his qcf+lp, AHVB can’t get off quick enough. he’s good in certain aspects, like that, but not overall… omega red can be brutal, but he’s hard to master, just like dhalsim, only sim/anakaris/magz can be used effectively… using red’s tentacles is alot based on psychic abilities and luck. felicia is decent… she’s fast and can dish out a ton of damage in the corner. america, i realy don’t use… i probably can’t get passed a basic air combo with him… iceman, like the above poster said, is chip king… no1 likes ppl that use him.

though iceman is a “chipping bastard,” if you use him well enough, i think some people will give you respect. don’t block everything, dont’ abuse his icebeam. play him effectively, and people really don’t have anything to say. most know that he’s a limited player, so if you can prove yourself, i (at least) will give you credit.

any other characters you’re willing to use? cyke, cammy, psylocke, megaman, t.bonne and them aren’t considered top tier (in my book). most of them have amazing assists, but still not considered TOP-tier. ever tried using any of them?

F what other people say…find the cheapest tactics possible and win with it.

Rogue is pretty good. She’s a nice confusion char and can annoy the bejeebies out of people. If she’s usen with Cammy and Felicia, you have a good team. Seeing as how Felicia is a decent corner char, she is also a nice block-damage person. Her kitty litter can make a difference in the outcome of the game.

wtf’s wrong with using iceman’s ice beam? abusing it? who cares. if it wins and works use it.

but believe you me, you wanna try throwing out ice beams all day long with iceman, you will LOSE.

I also laugh when i see ppl pick iceman against cable and think because he takes no chip damage that they will magically win. and then they eat ahvb x 3 and DIE

Ice man takes skill, (you guys hate me already) but to use him against someone who knows wht they are doing, yea he does, he is very limited, and like fish sed you can’t ice beam all day, you’ll f up sooner or later, pick jin, he has moves that are one button, strong, and teach you a very great skill, capatilizing on mistakes, when they tag in, fierce standing, (don’t try this crap on a pro they will whipe the floor with you, later on learn to mix them up, cross them up, and beat them down) he may have lag, but it’s a good place to start, fight against beginners , ice man is good for small wins too, don’t be afraid to take risks, a medium tier is guile, charge chars play a important role in beginners , jin is charge too… since you can’t just spam em (and you shouldn anyways) it shows how you can save for a big hit, a sure shot. and teaches ya to captlize.

well that’s my opinion

if you hate using top tier’s per say…omega/strider/doom is a good not really top tier TEAM. Yes, I know strider/doom is EASILY top tier…but how many good strider/doom’s are there? not many. Be a first. Omega/doom works VERY well together. Omega has a ghetto tri-jump with his fireball kick moves when they are cancelled. but don’t attempt it unless you have locked down with doom first. Omega has trouble against cable it seems like to me.

other teams that can compeat that use characters u listed.


i’ve never seen iceman compeat but i’d say sumtin like iceman/strider/doom or iceman/storm/doom

im not sure how much u like morrigan but she is a good non-top tier. you could use morrigan/ironman, sent, or storm/tron

I’ll be more than happy to help out with your cause:lol:

Hit me up on aim mixupmike sometime.

Not for nothing but if u say iceman’s icebeam is cheap ur a n00b thats like saying AHVB is cheap every GOOD move a character has always comes wit downsides like Cable has no airdash or fly… well i think AHVB makes up for it dont u???

I’ll put the way I look at mvc2, you can disagree if you want this is just the way i see it.

There are 2 groups and only 2 groups.

We can put this is like :


Usually just a excuse for being mad at someone for using a advanced tactic, but some ppl like playing it, because it’s more like the game was meant to be played:

Doesn’t use assists unless they are just assisting 4 ex: you have been pushed close to the edge of the screen ken anti air your way out.

Doesn’t use “uber teams” teams that are over powered and might be just crazier moves than the mvc2 team thought or meant for them to have.

Meaning: "T. Nee AHVB "
it’s not a real move, if it was you can dhc it,
it’s a glitch, because of how tha commandz work combining a super jump and viper beam.

Guard breaking was prolly not meant to be a tactic

pushblockng was meant to be to pushaway not a opening 4 ahvb

and pretty much the glitches:

Juggy power up
you get the pic.

Why would anyone willinly play like this?

Because it’s nice to see someone go head to head with someone, jin vs. storm, psy vs. mag, instead of assisting , assisting , assisting…>_>

lol not to mention to pik ppl you ctully like, instead of ppl to defeat otherz

I play both

here’s my opinion on Unlimited:

Any means possible to win, ahvb X 9 or 7634904390434 if you have to, you see there’s a thrill on fighting on someone’s level, if you use a dirty trick, and get

at someone just cuz they pulled a chesier tactic, then your just bein a hypocrite.

taht’s my thinkin
see ya…