Whats good yall?? Im new to the boards and i play marvel and am lookin to start playin seriously… I just got a mas a few weeks ago and im not that good on it… played it for dc but i own it for xbox (sucks :frowning: ). I live in Brooklyn New York… Flatbush area…anyone in the Hood that wants to play or wouldnt mind playin wif me so i can get better hit me up… i hear alot of the good ec players live in The rotten apple so hit me up on the thread or wat ever… my team now is im.cable.doom… Thanks!!! oh and if this is the wrong place for this My bad:sweat:

Oh and i have two questions… 1) whenever i tri jump wif ironman his unibeam comes out… is that because im movin the stick the wrong way?? and 2) why do i have so many red dots under my name???

  1. You aren’t supposed to do a quarter circle when tri jumping, you’re making a triangle. So it’s jump up, air dash down-forward. If you’re still have trouble, you could try doing: :u::uf::r::df::lp::hp:

  2. I’ll let someone else answer that.

if you hold up and then let go of the stick and then hold downforward, it will be in netural and u shouldn’t have any problems tri-jumping.

if u ever decide to play magneto it will come in handy

and i see nuff ppl from nyc on these boards so u wont have any problem with competition

Ohh ok i see thats wat i was doin i was makin a quater circle… another thing whenever i try and do the unfly combo… launch (lp,lk,u+fp,fly that part… I cant get the to always connect… I know about flight mode but is it cause im doin it too late… like am i suppose to cancel hp into fly right after it connects? wat direction do i press foward or up foward to ff?

You can tap any direction to fast fly (But up, up forward, or forward are probably good, considering you want them to not fall out of the combo, and you want to stay close. But I don’t think that matters too much). As for canceling the hp, you don’t have to do it as soon as possible, but you do have to do it quick, it’s sort of like with Sent (, ff,, but maybe a little faster, I don’t remember.

try adding a dash before doing the fly. i’m using up-foward direction during the fly

E.G. (Ironman). this simple aircombo does decent damage without unfly.

launch -> sj.lp -> -> sj. up+hp -> dash up/upfoward -> -> sj. hp -> FLY -> -> f.up+hp -> unibeam.

go to ctf (Chinatown Fair) if you want some Marvel competition

Yeh i know people were tellin me about over there… But im not good enough on stick yet… anyone know anyways to get better on the stick???besides just playing lol… im soo used to pad lol smh

its a major transition u gotta make eventually, u can practice for hours per day on a pad, but if u cant translate what uw ant to do in ur head to your fingers, u wont execute the moves u want. that ist he most frustrating thing. when u know what to do, and u know how to do it, but ur fingers dont move accordingly

the only way is practice, eventually it will become second nature. just have patience and start slow one step at a time.

Thats exactly wat the problem is… like i know exactly wat i wanna do but my hand wif this dam stick wont do it lol… especially how im usin iron man:sweat:

and another thing is also, once u almost get used to the sticks, u have to stop using the pad at home for a for a while, that will help you fully be able to increase ur execution. You gotta build that mucsle memory. once u do that u’ll be fine. And you will get there evenutally, don’t give up or get frustrated, if u have to, wait till its late in the night or go early in the mourning when no one is there and play the computer just so u can get a feel for the arcade stick.

I have one already… i gotta a mas… or unless u mean gettin used to the arcade machine itself… thats a bad habit i have though… ill play on my mas and then ill get frustrated and play on the pad again…This is like the most frustrating shit ever lmfao!

Like I said before, Patience.

yeh ur right… how long did it take you to get acclimated to it??:rolleyes:

well it took me a month to get accustomed to using sticks thanks to going to ctf like every friday night. If you really wanna get used to playing on a stick, practice on your Mas and go to ctf every friday night (or whenever you can but fridays are the best) and eventually you’ll improve.

Hmm you know wat i might actually go tomorrow night just to see the scene… i havent been over that side in quite some time lol… i hear the comp over there is pretty good though…any good im players in ny besides Josh360?

I remember going to Capcom Nickel City back in 2001 and playing Marvel for hours, I was already comfortable playing on Stick because of the previous marvel vs. games but on my first time i would say about 3 weeks.

And thats from constant play??..slide or claw which would u suggest… i slide… any slide tips?:rolleyes: