Newbies Playing Multiple Sets with Seasoned Players


So I just came from playing about four or five matches with a B ranked player. I wasn’t expecting to win against them, but mainly to get over my nervousness of playing competitively. So I was focusing on defending for these matches.

I honestly thought that the other player wouldn’t stick around because I was new and that they wouldn’t gain a lot of points for beating me, but other player kept choosing to have another rematch. So we kept on playing until I got tired('cause it’s almost midnight). But after a short break, I wished that I had a few more rounds for more practice.

My question is: Is it ever a good idea for new players to run multiple sets with a seasoned player if they were given the chance?


I used to do this when I would get matched up with lesser players. My point of rematch though is to teach them lessons. One match I may expose their weakness and see if they improve from it. If they do then I move on to the next weakness. Sometimes my reason for rematch is to practice my secondaries.


Most people will say that you want to play against people that are on your skill level or slightly above, so B should be fine. Playing someone who is way out of your league might not be as helpful. You’ll just get steamrolled with very little chance of learning anything.


@BMsirhc1313 I know that I shouldn’t assume that every player I come across will have the same charitable approach that you had, but is there a way to judge which players to stick with when if they want to play more than one match with you?

As an example, before playing that B ranked player in my original post, I had been in a match with an A ranked player whom I could not block against at all, and as @Greenwood said, I got steamrolled. Though they wanted a rematch, I quit the lobby.

But with the B player, I got chance to see what I could do in certain situations while maintaining my focus on blocking though the match. Things like noticing that I kept getting knocked down by dive kicks, so I had tried to focus on blocking high whenever they jump. Or, I’ll get pushed to the corner, so I try using tatsumaki to get myself out.

Or is it just best to stick with a player when you feel like you can learn to adjust to some aspects to their play?

@Greenwood Yeah. I learnt that the hard way. Before that B ranked player, my first match of the night was with an A ranked player. And while my main focus was just to block, I just couldn’t do it. =)


The higher ranks thats NOT steam rolling you as if they are releasing stress on you as a punch bag is the one you could stick around and play and learn from. Like the B Player you played, it seemed as if he was letting of easy on you for what reasons, we may never know. It could be the same reasons for me. You can take advantage of that and learn and see what hes trying to do with you. You can feel a persons intention with how they are playing after couple matches.

When I’m actually helping a player out without letting them know, I play nothing but defensive neutral, no gimmicks, no jumping, ect. If I see them do something unsafe, I punish it to show that its punishable then I back off and resume defensive neutral. Next match I pick on another weakness or show him what he shouldnt be doing and so on.

Anyway Id suggest playing the same people at your level. Only play higher ones if they actually give you respect and not just steam rolling you for an attempt at a perfect. Basically feel out their intention if they are trying to disrespect you or respect you at your level.