Newbies questions : Xbox 360 custom stick

Hi, can you buy a PCB (if yes which one can’t find PCB/Xbox 360 on a site but I guess it’s not called that) to build a custom xbox 360 stick or you have to mod the PCB from a controller. Also, where do you get the USB cable to connect the PCB to the Xbox. Finally, what about that Cthulhu board? It’s a PCB designed only to work with PS3 and PC?

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You have to mod a PCB from a controller.

There should be a USB cable already attached to the PCB you are modding. If not, pretty much any typical USB cable can be soldered onto the PCB and will work as long as one end has the standard Type-A plug:

Cthulhu is PS3/PC. MC Cthulhu also has Gamecube/Xbox/PSX/PS2 support.

I’m going to be using a late Xbox 360 wired controller to make my controller. It being wired means that it has USB already there and is usable on PC too.

Xbox 360 PCBs work on PCs?

Yep, you can grab the Microsoft drivers here.

Sweet! thanks.

Hacking a madcatz 360 controller pcb is kind of hard just to let your know.

I have done about 3 madcatz pcb stick and each one seems to have some sort of problems. Either it dies randomly when playing or the movement is messed up. If you leave the analog stick alone it should be fine but I removed mine cause it would not fit my thin case.

Well, there’s your problem right there. You should have put in resistors in place if you’re removing the sticks.