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id like to start a thread to help out newbies.the gj is covered extensivly on these threads but theres almost nothing for yun out of genei. basicly…if your wondering something that you think you might get crucified for cus its to basic, ask it here…i wont be a dick, and will give u as much info as i can\i know. im no pro yet so your gunna have to take it or leave it but im decent enough where i know some things. im sure enough shodokan can help 2 but i wont make any promises about him being nice(u do u chief,assuming u wanna help at all). ask away (and if your lucky this thread wont get stomped on)

just as a side note to the mods on the site…i want this thread to grow over time and have a bunch of random info which ill organize whenever, as a way to get more ppl to get into the game. i think\hope. id suggest this type of thread for every char but fuck if im doing all that…although i may take a look at a few other chars in due time and depending on how this lil experiment works out. (im asking for time b4\if you close the thread)


hey fellow yun noobs!! so is LP lunge punch at the start of the round the best shit ever or what?


it fucking works sometimes! lol


So er… When I activate and I catch them with a Mp -> F.Hp… Close to the corner(I’m on the outside) What’s best I should do here?

On reaction I always do Hp Lunge then Mk, Palm, shoulder then ender… Or something like that depending on how much Meter I have.


good idea, stickied

it depends on the amount of bar you have but you should almost never do hp lunge it scales damage too much. you should go for hop kicks into ender or hop kicks palm blah blah again depends on the bar.


go straight into the hop kick(just cut out the lunge punch)…theres a slight delay which makes it slightly tricky.

edit. theres alota info on GJ in these forums, i wanna try to keep this to a minimum, try searching around a bit for that, but if you cant find it after checking one or 2 shodokan threads. ask here.



to quote myself…like i said ask away but plz JD one thing i don’t want is a bunch of random opinions in here. you seem to know your shit anyway…lookit the thread title dude. please guys i wanna keep this clean and simple. if u throw in your 2 cents when someone asks a question that’s cool but otherwise. !PLEASE! SIT DOWN! this thread probably wont be too active at least at first…but seriously i wanna get ppl into this game and if they look in the newb only thread and see what they see everywhere else…well wouldn’t you be a little impatient.

edit\ps. not tryin to burn anyone like i said…!“I want to keep this thread clean”!


“what are the inputs to the kara command throw for yun? i can’t find it anywhere on these forums” >so yellow

theres an easy way which is a lil less reliable which is forward > down + HK > downback + MK > back + LK …or theres the real way which is hard as hell but if you get it down will work like 90% of the time forward>down >down back +lk (double tapping)>back.


Pretty sure easiest way of doing Kara-Command Grab is Forward > Nuetral>Than press down and roll towards back while double tapping HK as I’m pretty sure you kara cr. HK with it. It kara’s a pretty good distance so I never figured another kara would be needed. You can go double tap cr. LK > Kara-command grab and it’ll still connect when Genei-Jin’d.

Just started picking up Yun and that method worked well for me.


that works and is easier…but you get less range with the HK kara. its a trade off take your pick.


A few questions about the dive kicks. Do I use them only if I jump straight up? Is it too risky to use them when you jump forward? Is it worth it to do cross up divekicks and how should you do them (jump forward -> HK divekick)?


HK kara doesn’t move you forward more than 2 pixels

the point if kara command grab is to DELAY the grab so that it is 100% gauranteed meaty.


That cant be right can it, I swear in geneijin at least the hk kara is some akuma length shit.


you are incorrect sir.


imma start throwing random tips in here since its so slow.

#1 Dive kicks. MIX EM UP

dive kick > 123 > dashpunch or lp shoulder or activate(only connects if you hit them in the right spot,usually the belt\waist, very difficult)

dive kick > throw ick throw

dive kick > standing mp > fierce > palm

dive kick > walk up standing mp > UOH > crouching lk > jab dashpunch (must be as close as physically possible when you do the mp or the UOH will not connect)

dive kick > command grab

dive kick > sggk

dive kick > …jump up\back?

dive kick > guess parry 123 > activate

dive kick > crouching forward > dashpunch\activate

dive kick > BLOCK!

and btw you can always cross them up on wakeup with a divekick. tricky but not at all impossible can be useful if you have it down 100% and mix up when u choose to cross em up or just hit them from the front

most of these can be used if you hit them with the dive kick or if you land short (whiff dive kick to get close, no contact)


What about another SA’s?
SA I aint so bad

Its alot of way to land it:
123->lp shoulder XX SAI ->mp shoulder -> HP lunge
MP->HP->back+HP XX SAI ->mp shoulder -> HP lunge
close MK(launch) ->lp shoulder XX SAI ->mp shoulder -> HP lunge
palm XX SAI ->mp shoulder -> HP lunge
any shoulder
in reaction on opponet super
after pary
after you get paried
cr.MK XX SAI ->mp shoulder -> HP lunge
close HP(1 hit) XX SAI ->mp shoulder -> HP lunge
cr.LP XX SAI ->mp shoulder -> HP lunge
cr.LK XX SAI ->mp shoulder -> HP lunge (kinda tricky for me)

Other good stuff is: you dont need energy so bad (as with GJ), so u can do more EX specials
cl.HP(1hit) XX EX dp+K(dunno what name it is)->dp+HK->Taunt


if you dont have the heart to learn genei jin yun probably isnt for you…assuming you wanna go pro. sa1 takes 2 long to fill, n sa2 is half good…makes yun alot like ken but nothin beats the hurting 1 single genei will put out *and *the speed of the next being rdy. 1 good ender n 1 combo > your next serving is ready sir!


Agree, but its too many GJ Yuns…
SA I Yun play is diffrent, i dont say its better than GJ, but sometimes it surprise people (like after parry or counter to opponent super)
GJ play is like “charging” and “blazing” phases
with SA I you can blaze with EX all the time, or hit 'em hard on hit-confirm


Quick question. I’ve noticed that there’s a combo that Yun can only do in the corner by linking>f.fierce-> lunge punch, but whenever I tried to do it, I can never connect with the lunge puch before they hit the ground. I’m sorry if I’m not making since, but if you could tell me what I’m doing wrong I would appreciate it.